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Time and Aggravation:

Resolved that schools should be required to wear uniforms.

Choosing school uniforms would save time and aggravation in many ways. Have you ever rolled over in bed and opened your eyes to find that you are late for school? Looking for a clean pair of socks is hard enough, forget trying to find jeans and a shirt. With uniforms this havoc in the morning could be lessened. If you already know what you have to wear, you can slip it on quickly. Statistics show that tardiness improved when schools started enforcing uniforms. It is easier and quicker to get my kids to school on time. Comments Tom Boulanger when asked about school uniforms.

A uniform also saves the aggravation that comes with keeping up with the in of fashion. These models compare an every day outfit to a child wearing a uniform. The first model shows a typical outfit that someone would wear on an average day of school. On the right are the approximate prices of each item. The total, on the left, is $135.50. This model is just and example, each outfit will vary depending on the type of clothes. The second model is a uniform. For the entire outfit it will cost between $50-70 depending on the quality of uniform the school chooses. The uniform consists of a white button down shirt, V neck vest, a skirt, shoes, and knee high stockings or socks. As you can see, the everyday clothes we wear are more expensive. As the season changes, so does fashion. Just when it seems you are caught up with the rest of your friends, and have new clothes, it is time to go to the store to buy clothes for the next season s wardrobe. If students wore uniforms they would be able to save their clothes for after school. In this way the clothes would not seem over worn.


Another problem with wearing regular clothes, is the possibility of an intruder entering the school. Looking through the halls, trying to decide who belongs and who doesn t is nearly impossible. With expanding schools there are more and more students accumulating, which makes it hard to decide if each person belongs. In bigger schools, teachers don t necessarily know every student. Administrators and faculty cannot always tell the difference from your everyday senior to you 24-year-old college graduate. If there was low security and someone wanted to sneak into the school, it would not be difficult. Wearing typical clothing would easily blend anyone in with the rest of the crowd. However, if each student were unified with the same clothing, an intruder would be spotted immediately.

Equality and School Spirit:

The last point I would like to make is on equality and school spirit. If the entire school were dressed alike they would feel like a whole, more like a team. It would bring more school spirit and much more pride. When you go on a field trip, or a sports event, as a group or whole, you want to represent your school the best you can. After all, it is your school. Have you ever come across a school that wore uniforms? Where everyone looked presentable? All looked equal? It probably impressed you, didn t it? By wearing uniforms, you would not be singled out as the girl who is less fortunate or the guy that wears all dark colors. You would get to know people for who they were. Everyone would have an equal chance at making friends. If every child spent an equal amount of money on school clothes there would be less arguing as to who s clothing was better. Left would be lessened as well. If you all were wearing the same thing, what would there be to steal? Why would anyone want something that they already were wearing? As you can see equality is a major part of the school system. It can cause many distractions among students. Along with equality and school spirit, comes an easier way to learn.

School uniforms would solve many problems and improve the learning process in schools nation wide.


Uniforms may not be the answer to everything, however they have been proven to solve a lot of problems among schools. The comparison of violence in schools with uniforms to schools with out, as well as the tardiness in school improving proves that uniforms do benefit schools in some ways. It also gives a more serious atmosphere for learning. Students would be able to focus on learning, which is the actual reason they are in school. Less competitiveness for the best clothing will also be a problem touched upon if uniforms are enforced. By wearing uniforms, the problem of intruders entering the schools could almost be completely solved. Uniforms save time each morning as well. Knowing what you have to wear makes getting ready a whole lot easier. They are also popular with parents because they will spend less money each year on clothing for their children. Although uniforms are not the answer to everything, statistics prove that they do help certain problems among schools as well as students. Uniforms could actually help students to feel more comfortable making school a much better place.

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