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Review Of Liar Liar Essay, Research Paper

Watching Liar, Liar was effective in showing how today s society lacks honesty. From changing around the facts to just blatantly lying, it showed how much lying is a prt of everyday life.

In this movie, Fletcher Reede, played by Jim Carrey, uses lying to win his court cases. What makes him a good lawyer, makes him a bad father as Fletcher finds himself lying to everyone, even his own son Max.

Almost every day, Fletcher would promise Max he would pick him up or come over. On Max birthday, Fletcher promised Max he would be at the party. Instead of going to his son s party, he was taking care of business back at his office.

Of course, this eventually made such a negative impact on Max that he used his birthday wish to wish that for one day, his dad couldn t tell a lie. The wish actually came true and Fletcher was forced to tell the truth in all that he did. After finally realizing what had happened, he got used to telling the truth and he eventually used the truth to win a big case. During his shenanigans as a lawyer, he had finally realized that when he had twisted the truth and told Virginia Cole, his client, that she was the victim, he was wrong and jeopardized her children s life with their father. Fletcher finally realized that Virginia s ex-husband was a good father, he told the judge that just because he won the case doesn t mean it was right. The judge held Fletcher in contempt and he went to jail. His secretary bailed him out and he rushed to find Audrey and Max who had left for a plane to Boston. He was told that the plane was leaving and he hi-jacked a motorized staircase and he attempted to pull-over the plane to stop Audrey and Max from moving. By the time he got the plane to stop, Fletcher struck a barrier and was flying through the air. His son, Max, had come to see Fletcher and Fletcher expressed how he felt. Fletcher really liked telling the truth and promised Audrey and Max that he would tell the truth.

The moral of the story is: lying is wrong no matter what your excuse is, you will always win when you tell the truth.

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