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Imagine the intense beyond painful feeling of just realizing your dead and having flashbacks or you and your fianc ’s brutal, murder. The night before your wedding

This is one of the many emotional, moving scenes from The Crow. It stars Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) back from the dead, a vigilante hero risen to avenge his fianc ’s murder. To rest peacefully he must kill those who ended his life on “Gate Night” the night before Halloween and his wedding.

Very emotional and deep acting makes this movie experience even more real and heart pounding. The look on Eric Draven’s face during the scene of re-awakening is a great example. I thought I could actually feel the pain he was going through from the deep look in his eyes.

This leads to an interesting point, Brandon Lee, who plays Draven is the son of world-renowned martial artist Bruce Lee. You may or may not remember that Bruce Lee accidentally died during a filming of one of his movies some year’s back. Perhaps Brandon used the image of his father’s death to create the pain filled expression he used in this movie. Ironically enough, and very unfortunate Brandon Lee died during the filming of this movie in one of its action scenes. Brandon was shot, with what was supposed to be a blank bullet. So in a way, this movie was in fact a real death tragedy in the sense that the character Eric Draven and actor Brandon Lee both die.

After this horrible accident director Alex Proyas decided to use computer special effects to finish Brandon’s remaining scenes. Although you don’t see as many facial shots, they still did an excellent job.

In regards to cinematography, the camera work and lighting were very well done, paying attention to the little things, like a drop of water running through a long strand of hair, or a tear falling from a cheek to the floor. It was these little things that created the mood and emotion that I felt watching this movie. The high and low angle shots of Draven made the action scenes more exciting and made you feel more involved in the movie. One of the best shots of the movie, which turned out to be the movie cover was the body shot of Draven walking down a dark alley staring straight ahead, determined.

This movie could not have been nearly as successful without an excellent setting, screenplay and original story (used to be a comic). Director Alex Proyas, made an excellent adaptation of the story using good actors, great lighting tools and very fitting heavy-metal/rock and roll soundtrack (including Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, and Rage Against the Machine).

Emotional, action movies simply don’t get any better than The Crow. Describing it in a word, intense.

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