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Lally Essay Essay, Research Paper

Lally, J.R. (1995). The Impact of Child care Policies and Practices on Infant/Toddler Identity Formation. Young Children, 51(1), 58-67. Throughout the years we have seen many different forms of child care. It can be said that these different forms of child care are a direct result of economic factors which forces parents to place their children in outside care. Although, there are many places to choose from there are only a small percentage of centres that offer a high quality of care for children. As a result of this fact, parents must make the difficult decision towards which centre will be more beneficial for their child s social and emotional functioning. In this article the author discusses how daycare plays a vital role in helping to develop a child s self identity formation. Lally states that this identity formation process has been shown to start developing within the infant and toddler years, which in turn creates a great deal of problems in some of today s daycare programs. The article provides studies which suggest that many child care programs are only formulated to fit preschool children, which have already begun to identify themselves in their surroundings. As well the article elaborates on how the low quality of the daycare providers can create difficulties for infants who incorporate their caregivers negative reactions and behaviors. Given these factors addressed above, it raises the issue that it is essential for parents to realize that high standards in child care is essential for the child s development. Recent studies show that in high quality outside care, children experience many more social and emotional issues to help promote excellent identity formations. Some if these experiences include, what to fear; how the child determines appropriate behavior; how messages are received and how they are responded; how one can successfully get their needs met; how to experience emotions in a appropriate manner; and how interesting one is or how others are. All of these experiences allow the child to grow and develop their self identity in a secure and self confident manner.

To obtain these goals, the article suggests that there should be strict policies in child care programs. These policies should incorporate firstly, a secure base to explore. Secondly, a procedure of continuity of care. Thirdly, the importance of low ratio. Fourthly, having a display of responsive stimulation. Lastly, integrating programs of various cultural based learning. In conclusion the article generally implies that poor quality child care can have serious effects on a child s self identity formation. Thus, the need for goals to be set within the child care profession which encompass high standards that will benefit the child throughout his or her later years.

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