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Canada is home of millions of citizens descended from refugees who force to fled from their country because of the over power of their leaders, civil disorder, calamities and persecution. This is Canada s tradition since the beginning, providing a safe environment from those being treated badly from their country or people who s just seeking for better future. Refugee migrants have been part of Canadian history for almost three centuries. From American slaves fleeing north to he underground railway to the Vietnamese boat people, our borders have been open to those in need of sacred place. Different languages, tradition, religions and ethnic groups represented by millions of men, women and children have come to Canada as a refugee.

There is a problem in Canada that limits the opportunities of many. Due to the number of people immigrating illegally many cities are so overcrowded that there are restrictions on just how much a person can accomplish. Not only are there limits on how much an Canadian citizen can due, but there are also limitations on the illegal immigrants. Finding work, a place to live, and getting medical attention becomes a very difficult task if you are an illegal immigrant. While living in such a rural area illegal immigration and the problems it causes may not seem to be a serious problem, but in actuality it causes limitations for Canadian citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants as well.

One of the major problems caused by illegal immigration is the over population of various cities. This over crowded population leads to many negative situations. If a city is overcrowded than there is a limitation on the number of jobs available, and many times, illegal immigrants are in such need for some type of money that they are willing to work for well below minimum wage. This is a major problem for Canadian citizens. If there are no jobs available Canadian citizens many feel that to provide food and shelter for their families they must turn to thievery. Even if there were plenty of jobs for everyone, which there aren t, there would still be a problem. Illegal immigrants don t pay taxes. This wouldn t be a problem if there were just a few cases, but the numbers are in the millions and growing every day. This makes it hard for Canadian citizens that due pay taxes, and end up paying much more than they ordinarily would to cover for those who do not pay. Overpopulation is not the only problem caused by illegal immigration, education levels have been lowered do to the mass number of illegal immigrants. This is not to say that illegal immigrants are not smart or incapable of learning but sometimes learning a new language and a new way of thinking means a lot of catching up. What also adds to the problem of education is that illegal immigrants are afraid to put their children in school because they are afraid of getting caught by immigration. By not putting their children through school the children will definitely have restraints on how educated they become, and not having an education, especially in today s society, really puts limits on just how successful one can be (http://www.eecs.uic.edu/ eperez/ilaliens4.html).

There are many incidents that prove that a lot of people from different countries have come to Canada as illegal immigrants. Between July and September 1999, Canadian authorities intercepted four ships each with more than 100 Chinese migrants being smuggle into Canada. Many of them planned to apply for asylum in Canada then enter in U.S.

Many people in different countries have come to Canada either legal or illegal for a lot of reasons. Most of them sacrifice and they bet what they have left in there live just to have a chance for a better life. One of the reasons is poverty in their own country. They have come here in this land to seek a better living and better future not only for themselves but also for their families back home. Illegal immigrants who succeed to land here with any trouble for authority have all change their identity. Most of them became successful and some of them work in backbreaking jobs, plowing farmland, mining, laying railroad tracks and factories for minimum wages (Haven s Gate p.170).

Secondly, one of the most that causing the problems are smugglers. They take na ve people and make them pay for all they have left and promise them to take to a country where they can start a new life. For instance, some smuggler sale fake passport to people. For example, Smuggling of illegal immigrants into Australia is on the increase, with a 30 per cent rise in the number of people turned away at airport Immigration authorities said about half of those refused entry arrived with bogus documents or none at all. Many were believe to be part of increasing rackets The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs has conceded it expects the numbers to continue to rise before measures it has put in place take effect (http://www.hottopics.info.au)

Many countries especially those who have no economic crises facing illegal immigrants as Canada. Most of the countries like U.S. they spending a lot of money to reinforce the authority to their borders. Not only illegal immigrants creating problems to the citizens also to the economic of one country.

One of the most active organizations that deal with refugees, immigration and illegal immigration is IRB (Immigration and refugee Board). This organization is consisting of three branches: the Convention Refugee Determination Division (CRDD), Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) and the Adjudication Division. Once refugees or illegal immigration step up to this country the IRB well try to protect them. The goal of CRDD is to hear and determine the claims of refugees that reflect to Canada s humanitarian traditions. To have the right to claim protection from the government, the claimant has already been recognize as a Convention refugee in other country, the claimant has already had a claim rejected in Canada or has been found not to be eligible; he or she must have left Canada for at least 90 days in order to eligible to make new claim those are two of the rights to claim protection in Canada (http://www.cisr.gc.ca/index_e.stm)

This issue of illegal immigration is affecting the country. For instance, the incident that happens to Chinese migrant being smuggles into Canada. The arrival of Chinese started a national debate and brought hostility. The residents have different reaction to what s going on to there are. Most of them agreed to send all the Chinese migrants back to China. The Chinese government agreed to accept the migrants return as soon as Canada proves that they were Chinese. The Chinese government that there s no such thing as political prosecution in China and predicted that if Canada grants asylum to some of the Chinese, more Chinese would try to immigrate. The China s Premier claimed that Canada s lengthy asylum application processes were encouraging Chinese to smuggle in into Canada (www.seattletimes.com/new/local).


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