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Childhood and idealists

Gandhi Monads Karamchand Gandhi was born October 2 1969,to Probrick and Karamchand Gandhi who was the chief minister of in three Kathiawar State. His mother was very religious – she would fast for days. She believed in the Hindu religion, which is based on the books of Dharma. The Hindu s have to live their religion not just do their religion. There is no founder of Hinduism while most religion have laws already set Hinduism doesn t. The main gods are Vishnu, Krishna, Brahma, Shiva, Laxmi, Parvati, and Muruga.

Gandhi went to primary school. Gandhi was shy and didn t like playing with his classmates. Gandhi was the youngest child out of five one sister and three brothers. Gandhi was never a good student, yet he would never cheat. At the age of 7 Gandhi moved to anther town because Mr. Gandhi got a better job. In that town Gandhi got married at age of 13. During his teenage years he would eat meat with one of his Arab friend, to see if he like it this happened when he was in high school. He also smoked with his friend. Gandhi was ashamed of the things he did and was thinking of committing suicide but instead decided to stop.

Gandhi s father and first son died the same year. Gandhi blamed himself for their death because he ate meat. In 1887 Gandhi went to Bhangage to become a doctor but after 5 months of failing he went back to India where his uncle suggested that he go to study law in England. His brother paid for the expenses and Gandhi traveled far to find the eldest person in his family to ask if he could travel to England. Finally after a while they allowed him to go to England. Before Gandhi left, he went the to see his cast, they allowed it as well. The cast also asked him to leave, but before this could affect him he left for England. In England, Gandhi bought expensive suits and lived strictly on bread and vegetables, until by luck he found a vegetarian restaurant where he could go to eat. The only reason he stayed a vegetarian in England is due to the vow he made to his wife against women wine and meat. Gandhi finished law school and was about to go back to India but the chance to go to Delia in South Africa came up and he took it. While in South Africa Gandhi experienced the first, of much Indian prejudice.

Adult and Major Accomplish

On a train Gandhi was thrown out because he had a first class train ticket and all the Indians were to sit in third class. After refusing Gandhi was told to leave where he spent a cold night on the platform. This was the turning point in Gandhi s life. It was then that Gandhi decided he would never be cruel to another human being again, Gandhi decided he would put his foot down to Indian rights throughout South Africa. With this trip ahead of him Gandhi sprang into action. He decided to take a carriage to his court date but when Gandhi got to the carriage the driver beat him for wanting to go inside the carriage rather then sit on the foot-board. This was not the first nor last of Gandhi s beatings.

For the next twenty years Gandhi led the Indian rights group, in 1894 Gandhi went back to India to see his family and to get help on the return to South Africa; however he was saddened upon arrival because of the death of his mother. On his later return to South Africa he was once again badly beaten. While recovering at a friend s home another angry mob approached the house singing We ll hang old Gandhi on the sour apple tree Gandhi managed to escape at that night, at midnight.

During the Boer war (1899- 1902 A war between Britain and South Africa) Gandhi formed and led the Indians British army corpse. Gandhi felt it was necessary to support the British army because the Indians demanded land from the British. Gandhi got a medal for his service.

On his return to South Africa Gandhi started a magazine that was later crucial. He gave up all of his material possessions and his family and life because he felt as though it was the only was to serve fellow Indians in South Africa. A law passed that all Indian people must register an at the age of eight. Gandhi went to the prime Minster and made a deal that each Indian over 18 could vote with a register card, but they had to carry them everywhere. The Minister broke his word and with that all of the people burned their cards. Gandhi was put in prison for leading the burning of the cards.

Gandhi protested against British landowners by fasting until his demands were met. He came very close to starving to death; yet his protest worked because the British landowners started to pay higher wages for the workers.

On April 13th, 1919 15,000 people gathered for the new year. Suddenly the British army appeared and under General Dyer fired into the crowd for ten minutes, killing 400 men women and children and wounding close to 11,000. After witnessing this Gandhi lost all loyalty to Britain.

Gandhi led the Indian national congress as a result many people were imprisoned for civil disobedience some were even killed. It was then Gandhi realized his non-violent protest was not working; so, he went to court. The court gave him a moving plea and imprisoned him for six years. He only remained for two. Because of a second fast lasting three weeks.

When salt began to get taxed in 1930 Gandhi walked 200 miles to find sea salt along with thousands of marchers. Only the government could extract salt and Gandhi was arrested again.

In 1944 Gandhi s wife died, and Gandhi became very ill. About one year later Gandhi was assassinated during a prayer. He was shot three times in the chest, and was carried out by his Granddaughters.

Gandhi was an amazing man; he changed world by always lending a helping hand to his fellow man. His heart was filled with love, humility, and hope. He published a small book. Although he was killed by those with different beliefs and even though my beliefs are different as well he will always be one of my greatest heroes.

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