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Charity Essay, Research Paper

Use Of Charity in the Wrong Way

When you send a check to a company to help people that are starving or homeless, do you really know where your money is going? The company may be keeping the money for their own profit or they may send a small amount and keep the large part. Giving to charity may make you feel like your helping, but you might be just making a false company more profit. Charity can help people that need it, but the charity you give might be helping the wrong people.

You turn on the TV and you see the pictures of children that can’t go to school and can’t get health care for the simplest things. Everyone feels sorry for them and would like to help in any way they can. Then they show you a phone number to call and donate money, but there is no way of knowing if that money is getting them health care or if it’s putting them in school. You see the same thing to help families feed their starving children and give them shelter. Is the money really giving them shelter and food?

When you walk in a store and see a can for money with a picture of someone on it that needs surgery or some kind of medical help, or their house burnt down. Do they even have a problem at all, or is it someone that is fine, trying to get some extra cash. Then those people that stand outside of stores and ring those bells. Anyone could get a bell and ring it all day, but does that mean that the money is going to a good cause?

The only time that you see whom you are giving the money to is when someone is on the street with a sign or they are singing for money. This is one time that you know the money is going to the right person, but is that person using it for food or are they using it for drugs and alcohol. They may be addicted to these substances but they are misleading you into thinking the money is for food, and someone else could really need the money for food.

When you give to charity it is considered thoughtful and the right thing to do. There is no way of telling that your money is going to the right person or if it is used for the right things. Anyone could scam you out of your money and you would never know. Charity is a good thing for the people that need it, but people can easily take advantage of people’s kindness.

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