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Life Project Essay, Research Paper

Part I

Options after High School

? University

? College and other institutions or schools

? Work

? Start a business

? Apprentice in a trade

? Take a break

? Travel

Factors When Considering a Job

? Background of yours and your company ? That is always important just in case you don?t enjoy or feel comfortable with different kinds of people.

? Benefits ? It will benefit your savings in medications, you don?t have to pay for any of that.

? Dental and eye care

? Stock options

? Pay ? That pay is probably the most important part when looking for a job since you live your life off your job.

? Personal benefits ? It is an option of having sick leave or even holiday pay.

? Employees ? working with employees is another important part of a job, it?s a team and its up to all of you to get along and get the work done.

Part II

I have decided to discuss child psychology. This work force has been always my great interest. The reason why I choose to discuss child psychology is because I amreally considering taking it in university. Showing children the right footsteps in life, brings me great happiness. The reason why I have choose this type of psychology is because it deals with children, while a psychologist deals with mostly with adults. There are very many different types of psychology, another being developmental psychologist, which deals with only analyzing the brain. While a psychiatrist, is a type of doctor that is able to prescribe medicine.

Educational background

For University Studies and Career/Technical Programs is $38.50 per credit union. Or for three credit units its $115.50. For Full-time Vocational programs-on the basis of $29.40 per-week full-time ($117.60 per month), a $14.70 per week part-time ($58.50 per month). This college provides many courses dealing with psychology:

? ABE Social Psychology

? Introduction to Psychology I

? Introduction to Psychology II

? Introduction to Helping Skills

? Interpersonal Relations

? Behavior Management

Having the responsibility of a psychologist are very important for the children in the future. Preventing a child from being shy is impossible, but knowing that it can be treated and imported shows the important fundamentals of being a psychologist.

Psychologists and other professionals may function or work as therapists. So clinical and counseling psychologists are trained in psychology and also undertake therapy from a psychologist perspective.

Psychological health can be as fuzzy a concept as abnormality. The following shows how people overcome their problems and how they are towards life:

? Positive attitude toward the self

? Continual growth and development as a person.

? Accurate perception of the world.

? Competent interaction with the environment.

? Positive relationships with others.

Parents, teachers and even child psychologist focus on the motor development, physical health and learning of their child. This redirects their stress their social and emotional growth. We realize that a child has a problem when its too late. For example realizing your child is too shy. Many parents aren?t concerned when their child is being shy, thinking that they are well behaved because they aren?t interacting with children. It may be easier to handle them, but it could raise to the extremes.

The other career choice would be education. That is also dealing with children, as you can tell children are a big part of my life. Teaching children would allow me to interact with them and learn there types of lifestyles. The grades that I would like to teach would be from grades 4 to 8. I would have to go into education for about four to five years.

Educational background

Some courses dealing with Education

? Education Today

? Info Tech Skills

? Psychology

? Sociology

? Academic Writing

Part III

We like to think of childhood as a carefree, relaxed time of life, but the truth is, children today experience more stress than ever before: parents? faced-paced lifestyles, the frequent brake up of families, crime, schools and many of their other problems. Psychologists help understand the pressures that children face and explore the important ways to reduce, manage, and prevent stress from birth to age twenty.

By recognizing the possible developmental outcomes of trauma, psychologists and adults can have a better plan to understand and approach the traumatized children. A child who is experiencing a traumatic reaction will show extreme behaviors either reacting or under reacting to the crisis situation. The signs and symptoms of stress in children can be grouped under the following classifications: cognitive, emotional, psychical and behavioral.

Having the responsibility of a psychologist are very important for the children in the future. Preventing a child from being shy is impossible, but knowing that it can be treated and imported shows the important fundamentals of being a psychologist.

Job Benefits

? Pension Plan

? Dental Care

? Eye Care

? Sick Days

? Health Care

? Vacation pay

Child psychology enables us to follow children?s step-by-step development. Child psychology has been a great interest to me working with children enables me to discuss and learn from them and their problems. This paper explained four topics all dealing with child psychology.

Being a child psychologist, there can be health issues, one being stress. Stress is probably the most health issue dealing with psychology. By hearing and discussing all of there problems and concerns can put the psychologist in depression also. Knowing that you can?t help this particular child can bring a lot of stress upon you. Hearing a variety of concerns of depressions can make you depressed by feeling sorry for them. Stress is by far the most health issue in this field.

Raquel Neves

50 Shoreview Bay

Phone (204) 253-5010

E-mail rneves@hotmail.com

Skills and Capabilities ? Type 60 wpm on computer or electronic typewriter.? Ability to perform office tasks and interact well using excellent written and oral communication skills.? Skilled in filing and organizing essential paperwork.? Talking and providing information to customers.

Education 2000 – 2001 University of Winnipeg Collegiate Winnipeg, MB? Participated in a 15 page essay which examined the nature of a current market that consisted of a survey on the consumer computer market.? Honor Roll of all three years of high school.

Professional experience 1999- Present Holy Cross 369 DubucCouncilor ? Dealt with children?s problems? Talk to them about concerns? Discuss disagreements2000 ? 2000 Playland Winnipeg BeachPart-time Cashier? Accepted customer payments? Balanced cash drawer? Re-stocked inventory? Cleaned counter and floors1998 ? 1999 G.G. Gelati 705 CorydonIce Cream Employee? Supervised Cashier? Stocked products? Answered and recorded messages on the phone1997 ? 1999 Computer King Regent Ave. Secretary? Answered phones and scheduled appointments? Participated in lessons on building and putting together computers? Cleaned and organized office products? In charge of running the inventory1996 ? 1997 Bee-Clean 375 Nairn Ave.Information Consultant? Filed and organized essential paper work? Talking and providing information to customers? Answering phone and taking messages? Used various computer programs

Interests and activities Computer, Children, Dancing, Music, Sports (soccer, karate)

Volunteer experience YMCA at the Daycare center Supervisor: Angie Persaud ? Played with children? Got them dressed for outside activities? Put them for a nap? Cleaned up daycareFolklorama 2000 Portuguese Association Supervisor Zita Lopes? Controlled front door? Received tickets ? stamped handsOld Folks Home on Tache.? Feed the elders? Took them for walks? Helped them get themselves dressed? Did crafts with themHoly Cross Elementary? Interacted with the children? Played games? Helped with disagreements

References Computer King 1-1575 Regent Ave. WestRocco Petrillo ? PresidentWinnipeg, Manitoba661-6489G.G. Gelati705 CorydonSilvana GarofaloWinnipeg, Manitoba453-5710Bee Clean 375 NairnJose CorreiaWinnipeg, Manitoba668-4420

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