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Hitler Vs. Stalin Essay, Research Paper

The dictatorship of Hitler was much worse then that of

Stalin. Hitler was one of the most powerful leaders in time.

Once he was in power he quickly established himself as a

dictator. Thousands of anti-nazis were sent off to

concentration camps. Hitler relied on his secret police,

the Gestapo, and on jails and camps to intimidate his

opponents, but most Germans supported him. His armament

drive wiped out unemployment. Discrediting the churches

with charges of corruption and immorality, he imposed his

own brutal moral code. He derided the concept of human

equality and claimed racial superiority for the Germans.

Setting out on his empire-building mission, Hitler launched

Germany’s open rearmament in 1935, sent troops into

demilitarized Rhineland in 1936 and annexed Austria and

Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland in 1938. In March 1939 he

brought the remainder of Czechoslovakia under German

control. He also came to the aid of Francisco Frano’s

rebels in Spains civil war. Outmaneuvered and fearful of

war, no national leader offered resistance to his moves. As

time went on and defeat became more certain, Hitler still

refused to give up, feeling that Germany did not deserve to

survive because it had not lived up to its mission. Finally

on April 30,1945, Hitler committed suicide.

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