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I thought that this was a very interesting movie. One

of the things that I noticed right off is that when Antonio

Salieri was playing his own pieces I had never heard any of

them. As soon as he played Mozart?s however, it was

something that I recognized hearing before.

I found it funny that when Mozart was young he wrote

all these pieces and was considered to be so great and

famous, but yet he acted just like any other young boy

growing up, almost as if he did not know just how talented

he was. A good example of this is when he pulled his jacket

up before he bent over to bowe.

When he was redoing the piece of the court composer,

Mozart?s version sounded a lot happier and made you get into

the music more.

I feel his first opera really caught my attention. I

also thought that it was strange of them to ask him to cut

notes and make it shorter. I would think that if they liked

it that much they would have wanted it to keep going and not


I think that the reason Mozart wrote the opera about

his father is because that was the only way that he knew how

to express his feelings. I believe that he portrayed his dad

as big and important in this opera because that is how he

saw his father.

I found it strange that he could not recognize the

voice of Salieri when he was dressed up to act like Mozart?s

father. Salieri?s voice is not only one that Mozart heard

nearly everyday, but you would think that he knew his

fathers voice.

I did not really like the opera with the horse in it. I

found that it was getting harder and harder to pay attention

because it was getting boring. But when the man comes to the

house it gets you back into the movie. I liked the way he

would get an idea from just the littlest thing. That is one

thing that showed how great his talent was. I thought it was

weird that Mozart was telling Salieri what to write and he

could not write it because he could not invision it in his

head as he wrote. I think this is part of what took him so

long to write it.

I think that they tried to make you feel the sorrow of

his death by not only showing the funeral and all the dark

clothes, but also by making the setting in very gloomy and

rainy weather.

Overall, I would say this was a very good movie. It did a

good job of showing many different styles of music but did

it in a fashion that was still interesting and made you want

to keep watching.

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