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Dr. Glen W. Probst

There are many characteristics, techniques, etc. that make for a successful teacher. These may be as varied as the teachers

themselves. However, there are certain time-tested attributes, characteristics, and practices which contribute immensely to

teacher success. The following list contains items that students have used to describe their best teachers.


Students can feel the excitement

Students easily detect the teacher’s love for job and subject


Teacher knows the subject

Teacher plans and prepares lessons daily


Always arrives on time

Begins and ends class on time

Expects and encourages students to arrive on time

4.Support and concern for students

Lets students know that he/she cares about their success

Takes time with students

Allows for creativity

Is friendly and courteous

Is supportive and encouraging

Is smiling, caring and loving


Does not miss class

Is consistent in attitude and dealings with students

Is always well prepared to teach class


Treats students with respect

Does not condescend

Avoids embarrassing students in class

7.Firmness and control

Is firm in a kind manner

Avoids tangents in teaching

8.Does not play favorites

9.Provides personal help

Takes time to explain concept

Gives individual attention

10.Accepts individual differences

11.Employs an effective delivery

Clarifies for understanding

Creates a sense of fun with the learning task

Eliminates bad, irritating and/or distracting habits

12.Does not make students lose face

Avoids criticizing students

13.Has high expectations of class members

14.Is humble

15.Is fair

16.Uses variety

Uses a variety of learning activities


Allows for spontaneity

17.Has a sense of humor; is relaxed

18.Use of engaged time

Sets a good pace and provides for a change of pace

Avoids engaging students in “busy work”

19.Use of text

Is not a slave to the text

Uses text as a road map

20.Keeps within 1-2 days of the scheduled course outline

21.Field trips and other activities

Applies student experiences to classwork

22.Does not always teach from a sitting or leaning position

23.Interpersonal relationships with students

Does not allow students to call him/her by first name

Does not try to win a popularity contest

Maintains a healthy teacher-student relationship

Respects students (remember that sometimes what you think is healthy, fun joking with students may be

interpreted by them as disapproval and dislike.)

24.Does not allow one or two students to monopolize or dominate the class

25.Keeps accurate records of

Work completed


Test results


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