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A Conneticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court Essay, Research Paper

In the political and social satire A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Mark Twain demonstrates his excessive pride and glory in the political, economic, and technological advances of his time by developing an interesting plot in which an 19th century mechanic travels back to the time of a cruel feudalistic Camelot and attempts to modernize and improve it. Overall, in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Mark Twain compares the basic political, social, and technological principles of the 19th America to the medieval ages of Great Britain. On a political scale, the novel denounces that the medieval period exemplified strict rule by the monarch, unity between church and state, and showed that many of the people had extremely harsh judgment. On a social scale, Mark Twain demonstrated that the Middle Ages carried a strict separation of classes where the nobility and clergy had much control, while the peasantry had almost non. Last, on a technological scale, Mark Twain implies that magic is not real and he goes on further to prove that the technology and tools of his time frame could have greatly improved the Middle Ages. All in all, Mark Twain creates an ideal character from his time that ends up creating a semi-utopian environment in Camelot.

When Hank Morgan awakened into the medieval world of King Arthur and Camelot, he saw political injustice. To compensate for this injustice, Morgan used his status as a beneficiary tool and combated against the church and the royal privileged. Overall, he made the people of Camelot aware of the injustice of their time and gave them the hope for an optimistic future. From this, we can see that Mark Twain believed that his time frame possessed the best type of government in which church was separated from state. Furthermore, Mark Twain implies that the people of his time had better judgment. For example, in order to save himself from death, Morgan remembers that an ellipse occurred on that day and informs the people that he will cover the whole world in darkness. As he said those words, the ellipse occurred thus making all the gullible citizens of Camelot to believe that he was extremely powerful. As a result, he was spared. Thus from this example, it is evident that the people of the middle ages were quick to rational supernatural phenomenon even though it was just pure science at work. Conclusively, Mark Twain glorified his time period to an extent that the he used the horrid faults of the Middle Ages as an…

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