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Where is God? The question does God exist is the one that most likely comes up in the minds of people when disaster strikes or tragedy occurs. Why would he let the creation he most dearly loves suffer so greatly? I am going to try to answer this question as difficult as it may seem to some people. God does exist and is with us in everything we do in our lives. There are two possible ways that we can see God in our lives. He either exists outside the mind, or he does not. There is no other alternative. You can not say “maybe” or “sort of.” With the question of God’s existence there is only a black and white area, no gray matter exists. As Catholics we are theists, we now that God exists through our faith in him. We outweigh all the arguments to the contrary and are lead to a definite choice that God is with us today. Atheists rest their claims on the fact that an almost infinite series of accidents is sufficient to explain the existence of the universe and an intelligent humanity. Some beliefs are based on reason. However there is significant evidence that God can be experienced in our lives. He intervenes when we difficult decisions in our lives, he is also trying to let us see the “light.” No one has ever seen God, but through faith in him we believe one day we will be united with Him and the Holy Spirit. There are many arguments from atheists that God allows suffering in the world and he does not care about people. They are very mislead, no one has a purpose for human suffering. God does not cause suffering; it is not because of him suffering occurs. It has to do with the evil human nature of some people. The reason for suffering deals with natural causes that occurs. God can not control our lives because then we would be nothing more than hand puppets. God did not want to create puppets; he created humans to have the freedom to choose and the freedom to live.

There is no real “proof” of the specific nature of God. We are not concerned with his appearance or age. We are seeking evidence about the entity who underlies all those varied perceptions of him. There are two different aspects to that search, his role in nature and his purposes. Everyone is looking for answers on who, what, where, how, and why. Why must someone suffer? Why did he die at eighteen? If God did not exist these question can be answered very simply “Things happen because that is the way they are.” God does care about his people, he does not create us to suffer and wither. He cares about his creations, however he can not control the lives of other people. God can not strike down an evil person. God tries to penetrate his love into that person and let him see the light. God tries all the time to bring good into others, whether other people receive it is another story. He can not impose things on others; he can only try to tell people the good until they finally listen.

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