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A Close Call Essay, Research Paper


The bell finally rang after a long day of school, and everyone

was excited to go home. My friends and I wanted to go out and get

something to eat before our big soccer game against Brookwood. I

didn t know something was going to happen to me that would change

my life forever.

Josh was driving his brand new white jeep that his parents just

bought a couple of weeks before. Jeff was sitting in the passenger seat.

Ben, Shawn, and I were sitting in the back with the top up on the jeep.

I remember when we left Josh s house, his mom reminded all of us

to put our seat belts on. There was a little problem because the back

seat only had one seat belt. And Shawn was the one who put it on.

Josh was making a left turn on Old Peachtree from

Lawrenceville Swannee, but he wasn t paying much attention to

the road. He didn t yield on the green light, but he didn t see the F-150

truck coming right at us. I took a quick glance forward and the next

thing I know my neck snapped and my head hit the front seat. Then as

the jeep began to spin, it threw Ben and I right out the top of the jeep.

My life was flashing in front of my eyes while I was flying twenty feet

through the air. The only thing I remember when I was in the air is

praying to god that I wouldn t die. When I landed on the road, I was so

shocked I couldn t feel anything. I couldn t tell if I was hurt until I got

up and tried to walk. I thought I broke my ankle, but it was just badly

bruised. This was the scariest moment of my life, but I only came out

with some bruises and cuts.

The funny thing of this whole accident is that I wasn t wearing

my seat belt and I was the least one injured. Ben had a badly bruised

back, Jeff had internal bleeding, Shawn broke his arm in two places,

and Josh broke his nose and had a concussion. This accident made me

realize how important life is. From that day on, I always wear my seat

belt no matter where I m going.

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