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Long Term Affects Of Weight Training Essay, Research Paper

Long term affects of weight trainingWeight training has become a very popular sport among people of all ages and sex. Whether a person is young or old, male or female, the in thing to do these days is stay in shape. Though, From working out, a person does indeed achieve noteworthy results, at the same time also receiving long term affects. These affects will be discussed shortly.For every good thing there is in life, bad things are to be expected as well. This is no exception when it comes to weight training. There are numerous pros and cons for weight lifting. The table below clearly displays and explains this principle.Table Pros and cons of prolonged weight training Pros Cons Increased physical strength and stamina. Soreness and stiffness inflicted in joints and tendons after training sessions.High self esteem. At times one can have slight cases of anxiety, nervousness, depression, inability to relax and decreased academic work or performance (Kennedy 53-54). Overall positive-looking physique. Physical abnormalities occur if training is done in a negative and careless manner. If someone has plans to obtain a weight lifting program in his/her life they must consider these factors to insure proper results. It would also be wise to consult a physician, he can help you achieve your goals in weight training by giving you a thorough medical and physical examination. This should be done especially if you are a little bit older in age, more or less around the age 40-60.

In fact, using supplements in your diet will also aid in your weight lifting program. Bill Philips, CEO, of EAS which is a major supplement company in the United States, believes that supplementing your diet with any of his products will drastically improve your overall weight training program and goals. His top of the line product that he uses, and is highly respectable is HMB , a product that is known to increase muscle growth, only if used in conjunction with a weight training program.Some people feel that using supplements may be dangerous but this is not entirely true. Using the right type of supplement may give positive affects to your body in the long run this also includes a proper diet. These three factors, a well balanced diet, supplementation, and a vigorous weight training program will add a positive impact to a person s body, whether it be in the next 12 weeks of their program or for the years to come.

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