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I Know What You Did LAST SUMMER

In “I Know What You Did Lat Summer”, written by Lois Duncan, there are five major characters. Their names are Julie, Helen, Barry, Ray, and the killer (we will find out his name at the end of the book). Last summer all four of them (Julie, Helen, Barry, Ray) went to a party, on the fourth of July, and hit a boy with their car on the way home from the party. They had been drinking and had used some drugs so if they had stayed at the accident, they would be put in jail. They called the police and then leaved the seen.

A year latter, still no one knew it was then who hit the boy; Julie got an interesting letter that said “I Know What You Did LAST SUMMER”. She went to Helen apartment, and showed Helen and Barry the letter. They thought it was just some prank because Helen always gets those, since she is she is a Channel five Golden Girl. So they just forgot about the letter. A few days later, Barry got shot with a gun. He didn’t die but he got extremely hurt. He went out to the field when there were fireworks going on, and then he got shot. Most everyone thought it was Helen’s fault because someone had called him right before he went outside (they thought Helen had called him and made him come to see her) Nobody knows if he got shot on purpose or on accident. A few days after that, Ray and Julie went on a car ride. Ray told her he got a letter just like he had, it also said “I know What You Did LAST SUMMER” exactly like Julie’s said. Julie told Ray that Helen had a picture of a boy on a bike taped on her door; she found it when he got home. Ray knew what happened to Barry, he also got a clipping that had to do with what everyone else got; the picture Helen got and the letter Julie and himself got all was connected by somebody that knows what happened last summer.

When Julie and Ray were on their car ride, Julie read the news article that was about the boy they he killed. It had an address of were his parents lived and were he had lived. They met Megan, his older sister, who told them that her mom had a mental break down and the mom holds herself responsable for his death. Megan’s father went away to be close to his wife in the mental hospital. Her brother Davy was coming home from a friend’s house because he and his friend had gotten into a fight. He had called his mom to come and get him, but the parents have been trying not to spoil him so she had said no. He got on his bike and was riding home when he got hit and killed. Now Julie was feeling guilty, “before Those people were just names in the paper but now they are nice, caring, helpful people that I know.”

The phone call Barry had got before he got shot was a mystery. Nobody knows the real person who did it. Everyone thought Helen had called him, but she said it wasn’t her. People even blamed her for she shooting him. So Ray and Julie went to Helens house to talk to her about a few things. They both thought that the she should go to the police about the whole thing but Helen said no; then they decided to talk about the phone call. They talked about the phone call for a few minutes and then they decided to call Barry’s Dad (Mr. Cox). He asked if he could see Barry but he said no. Now, they can’t talk to Barry to see who called him. Ray asked Mr. Cox if Barry mentioned anything about the phone call, Mr. Cox said he did; that Helen had made the call. Barry believed Helen did but Helen said it wasn’t her!! Julie started thinking, who is lying?? Who could it be: Barry, Helen, Mr. Cox, or even Ray for that matter,and why???

The call Barry got before he got shot was a man who said he new about the hit and run that happened last year. Barry was going to meet this mystery man at the field. Over at the field, when Barry’ flashlight went out somebody shot him. That was the man who new about the accident. Barry couldn’t tell anyone that because nobody new about the hit and run and he would be put in jail because of it. So he said it was a robbery.

Collie is a man who moved in the Four Seasons where Helen lives. He was a good friend of Helens until she found out that he new about the hit and run and that he shot Barry. Collie was the little boy’s brother that they killed.He was extremely upset and had to do something about it. So when Helen was at the pool he went into her apartment and waited for her. When she did get home she told her he knew and how he found out. He tried to kill her but she ran into the bathroom and locked the day. A few minutes later, he started taking off the hinges. She had to do something o she broke open a small window in the bathroom and started screaming for help but no one could hear her. And then, because it was the only thing left to do, she wriggled forward through the frame of the window and let herself fall.

Julie had a date with her boyfriend Bud tonight. They were going to see a movie, but her mom did want her to she had a bad feeling. When Bud came to the house she said she couldn’t go . She walked him to the car because he wanted to tell her something. He told her Bud was short for Collingsworth, the same Collingsworth Helen knew and was attacked by. He started to choke her when Ray hit him over the head with the flashlight. When Julie awoke there were two patrolmen sent by Helen. Julie and Ray both told them what happened last summer. Julie asked Ray why he didn’t get punished. Ray said “he did try, tonight. Bud new the worst thing for me would to stay alive in a world with out you.”

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