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Basic Iseals Of Declaration Of Independance Essay, Research Paper

The introduction to the Declaration of Independence posses the basic of ideals of

America. Four of the ideals extolled in the document are; equality, natural rights, consent if the

governed, and the right to revolution. These are also known as the self-evident truths.

The ideal of equality; is that “all men are created equal.” No one human or class of

humans are superior to another human or class of humans. This is the first self-evident truth of

the Declaration of Independence; and the other three all stem from this vision of equality.

The second ideal is one on natural rights. The Declaration states that “they are endowed

by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit

of happiness.” This explains the theory of natural rights of a human being and it is expanded

from the original principle of equality. Since you were born with these rights, no one may

rightfully deny us these rights, and since they are unalienable we may not surrender them


The third; the concept of “consent of the governed” is belief that the government must in

some way have our consent of it’s operations with the idea in mind that a government that rules

without coming back to the people for their ongoing consent is an unjust government. Later the

Declaration shows an example of an unjust government by denouncing the King of Britain with a

list of grievances for keeping us among armies, and imposing taxes on us without our consent.

The fourth and final ideal gives the right to the people to alter or abolish a destructive

government. (”whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the

right of the people to alter or to abolish it.”) This declares the right of a revolution of the people

who’s government destroys the security of a citizens unalienable rights. If a government exists to

protect the people’s rights and isn’t succeeding the people should abolish it and set up a new one.

The four ideals that I wrote about are all essential parts of American society. They were

originally about the right to live an enjoyable life. The four ideals I presented promise me a life

of equality with equal respect, a right to live my life, free and happy, the right to have a say in

my government, and the right to revolt against a destructible government

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