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Tobacco Should Be Illegal Essay, Research Paper

Tobacco Should Be Illegal!

Why isn t tobacco considered a drug? When the facts are reviewed,

tobacco produces all of the effects of a drug although isn t

recognized as one. What makes tobacco different from any other drug?

Among the many effects of tobacco on the body, includes the

ability to be addictive and cause numerous cases of cancer.

Unfortunately, tobacco is not recognized as a drug, even though it

has the main effects of any illegal drug found in society. Such as:

marijuana, heroin, and crack.

Why do people enjoy cancer sticks (a common nickname given to cigarettes as a result of their cancer causing ability)? As a

non-smoker,I find it very difficult to see what people find so

appealing about smoking. My opinion is that it smells, and that

tobacco should be made illegal due to its effects. Not to mention, it

contains the drug known as nicotine, which like other drugs is addictive

and causes cancer!

Tobacco companies often get hit hard for their distribution of tobacco products because of their advertising. Many commercials,

billboards and magazine ads make smoking appeal to children and teens.

They do this by showing young, care-free people having the time of their

lives with friends, drinking beer, playing football or meeting people who

are attracted to tobacco-smoking. Tobacco companies use this type of advertising to lure a younger crowd, because many of them do not know any better, and they are easily attracted to something that is made to look

like fun.

Even if you do not smoke tobacco, you are directly affected by

any individual who smokes in the vicinity of you. Second-hand smoke has

been found to be more cancerous than actually smoking a cigarette. This is a

big factor that has been discussed in the matter of smoking in public facilities. Smoke being inhaled by the smoker is filtered, slightly

reducing the number of carcinogens entering the body, whereas smoke that

emits directly from the end of the cigarette, carries a higher risk of

causing cancer to individuals in the surrounding environment. This means

that every time a family eats out in a restaurant, they have to worry

about themselves and their children being affected by the carcinogens in tobacco smoke. This is not a worry people should have when they go out

into public.

I feel that the sale of tobacco should be made illegal, mostly because

it directly resembles a drug. If it is made illegal, many people will be forced to cut back, or even quit. Like most drugs, it would become harder

to obtain and more difficult to smoke.

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