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Should Marriages Be Arranged By Parents? Essay, Research Paper

Should marriages be arranged by parents? Discuss.Relationships are the most important things in life. And marriage is oneof the most important relationships. Having said that, it becomes evenmore important who arranges the marriage, whether its ourselves or someoneelse like our parents or friends. Th e issue has taken the place of animportant social problem. Different people have different opinions comingfrom different age groups from the different parts of the world. Marriage as we can see is a commitment of spending the rest of our lifewith someone. This has a great impact on our life, career and personality.So, should we let our parents decide so much for us? To start with, it canbe answered positively. They are more experienced and well-placed in thesociety. They understand people better and thus, understand us better thanwe do sometimes. Moreover, being our parents, they want the best for usall the time. It may seem to be as simple but in reality its not. The choice of our lifepartner should have our say in it. Of course! How can we marry someone who

we don’t know? Is it possible to stay along with the person and shareeverything that we have in our life ? From this point of view it mat notlook sensible at all. Considering that all of us has the right to decidefor ourselves once we are grown up and matured, the right of the choosingour life partner should be given to us and no one else unless of course we forfeit it to someone else. Coming back to the arguments, we can see around us and observe how many’love marriages’ have been successful? In some parts of the world theystay in but unfortunately in many other places the fail to develop intolife-long relationships. The mostly youn g couples complain ofmisunderstandings, concealed truths about each other and making a ‘hurriedand emotional decision’, which they regret. Most of them mentally sufferbecause of this and their performance goes down. They go on to face socialand psycho logical problems and life-long in some cases. The only lesson that can be taken from these cases is not to repeat theirmistakes. We have to try to rely on our parents’ goodwill and wisdom. Wehave to let our parents arrange our marriages.

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