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France Essay, Research Paper

Population: 59,024,000

Urban %: 74%

Rural %: 26%

Number of cities with over one million people: 1 (Paris) 2,175,200

Official Language: French

How often are elections held for President: Every 7 years

What are the major political parties:

The Rassemblement pour la R?publique (Rally for the Republic), or RPR, founded in 1976 by Jacques Chirac, now the president of France, espouses affinity with the ideas of the former president Charles de Gaulle.

The Union for French Democracy (UDF), a coalition built around the Republican Party, is closely tied to the former president Val?ry Giscard d?Estaing.

Socialist Party, identified with Fran?ois Mitterrand, who held the presidency from 1981 to 1995.

French Communist Party, this party has experienced a decline in members in recent years.

Legislative System: Bicameral

How many televisions and radios exist in France: About 51 million radios and 23 million televisions.

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