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Marilyn Manson Essay, Research Paper

Hey Mr. Superstar

This band is a twist of Iggy Pop, KISS, and Alice Coopper. Starting in south Florida as a small industrial Goth band, Marilyn Manson has changed the main stream music of today. They have come to be a leader and paved the way for other shock-rock bands. Just coming out with his fifth album this week, he will continue reaching out to rebellious teenagers that need some sort of support. Marilyn Manson has been hitting charts because of their songs and lyrics, show performances, and public attention.

One of the reasons why Marilyn Manson is famous today is because of their undefined musically talents. They are a five piece band which includes singer Marilyn Manson, lead guitarist Twiggy Ramirez, bassist John5, drummer Ginger Fish, and on keyboards M.W. Gacy. Each member has been playing music since childhood. Putting these musician’s talents and creative minds together they have accomplished more than most bands around. Unlike many artists today Manson with help from Ramarize writes and produces all songs that go onto thier albums. Their lyrics are very skillfully written so that they will attract public attention and listeners. Manson gets lyrics from his personal thoughts and tragedies that happen around him. On their bands fourth album he wrote about his girlfriends drug addiction in a song called Coma White, ” A pill to make you numb, A pill to make you dumb, A pill to make you anybody else, But all the drugs in this world won’t save her from herself.” In this new album called Holywood, Manson was inspired by the violence he see in entertainment and how it is affecting children and the world.

Touring the world, visiting countries across the globe, and selling out concerts have been the role of Marilyn Manson since they became popular with the public in the mid nineties. The band works hard to entertain their fans with new and outrageous performances. Most of their earnings from touring and album sales go into the performances and live shows they do. Their performance is a show to remember. In last year’s sold-out tour, Dead to The World, had Manson doing over seven costume changes, stage explosions, a burning cross, wide screen televisions, and large amounts of glitter poured onto the crowd. With over a hour long performances filled with entertainment, speeches, and music. Their show is like no other shock-rock artist of today.

Another reason why Marilyn Manson keeps on the top of the charts is because of his public attention. Even when he is not turning out records or running his music videos, the media seems to still keep him at a focus point. The publicity that he gets from reports saying negative rumors just seems to help him with selling albums and concert tickets. The anti-Marilyn Manson fans appear to have something to say about him and his acts. They start rumors to trash the shock rock band by telling media that they kill animals, throw puppies into the crowd at concerts, and even say that he pours pigs blood on the audience of his concerts. Yet this does not stop young rebellious teenagers from attending. Even politician Joe Lieberman suggested that Marilyn Manson’s music was responsible for the shooting at Columbine, when in fact the shooters for the high school killing did not listen to their music.

A big part of being Marilyn Manson is attracting fans, pushing the limits, and finding new ways to shock and appall people. Yes, many older generations do not agree with what they are putting out and think that it is rock trash, but then why is the band topping charts, and why is it that they can go to any country and sell out concerts with a weeks notice? Maybe because some people believe in what he is saying and that some people actually do like his music.

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