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You stroll along, moving one foot in front of the other in a repetitious pattern or maybe your feet rotate pedals along a chain, while your hands steer the way. If this is a bit too demanding, just sit back, relax, and allow a machine to carry out the task, while little or no effort at all is required on your part. Regardless of timing factors, each one of these methods will bring you to your desired destination. Trips can range anywhere from the most basic walk around the block all the way to the adventure of a week-long vehicular journey. The most basic forms of transportation consist of walking/bicycling and driving a car. Between these two activities there are several primary advantages and disadvantages involved. Also, cost requirements, environmental impact, and weather conditions are influential components which help one choose his or her preferred mode of transportation. With the busy lifestyles of Americans in this day and age, we are constantly on the go throughout the course of a day’s work. Therefore, such factors are important when deciding which option works best for the individual.

The profits and impediments of walking/bicycling versus that of driving are among the most obvious of the elements. Usually, driving tends to be faster and more convenient, which is a privilege that is frequently used by the American population. On the other hand, I believe that walking or bicycling is far more rewarding. You are actually using a form of exercise, whereas in a car you are simply sitting. Incorporating short walks, rather than driving, is beneficial for evident reasons. In addition, there is always the risk of traffic when dealing with automobiles. Consequently, traveling by foot proves to be more productive. I, for one, would much rather walk to my destination rather than seemingly age ten years while waiting in a long line of motionless vehicles. When comparing a bicycle and a car, the car gives you the option of escorting passengers and hauling goods. Walking or bicycling limits you to the amount of items you may carry along with you. It is necessary to consider the purpose of your travels, when selecting your preferred means of transportation.

Secondly, the issue of cost is yet another aspect to ponder. Without a doubt, driving requires a far more extensive amount of money in comparison with walking or bicycling. Walking is virtually free of charge, and biking merely depends upon owning a bicycle. Although it is not a necessary asset, I would purchase a helmet for my own personal safety. In contrast, owning a vehicle has endless responsibilities, aside from the usual car payments. For instance, maintenance is an ongoing cycle, consisting of inspections, oil changes, and any other necessary repairs. Bicycles will not cost you an arm and a leg to fix. Even if all else fails, investing in a new bike definitely will not burn a hole in your wallet. With vehicles there also exists the ever-dreaded gas and insurance fees. With the rising gas prices, some consumers might opt towards cutting down on driving.

Subsequently, pollution continues to be a major concern throughout the world, and automobiles constitute for the bulk of this matter. The carbon monoxide fumes expelled from the exhaust of a vehicle are responsible for the decreasing ozone layer, which will some day cause the sun’s rays to overpower the Earth. You might be sitting there thinking, “Why should I care about what happens centuries from now?” Certainly, this change takes time, but the entire planet as a whole is currently being affected as this process progresses before our very own eyes. Global warming, smog, and asthma are at the onset of this issue. As for the drivers who recognize the importance of prolonging the life of our atmosphere, alternatively, they choose to carpool. Nevertheless, traveling via bicycle or on foot does not give off any harmful gases, and often times I find that there is a scenic view to enjoy during my travels. Walking or bicycling is slower-paced as compared to driving, thus, giving the overall view of the nature’s beauty which surrounds you. Developing an appreciation for your own environment makes you realize the importance of preserving its splendor.

Lastly, weather conditions have a dominant impact on people’s choice of transportation. Unless it is a perfectly beautiful day, which is not usually the case, using a car is the best way to go. It can be freezing cold or extremely hot and humid, but your car will always stabilize the temperature by use of heat or air conditioning. Furthermore, different forms of precipitation can come about. I would gladly accept a roof over my head, before standing outside with an umbrella. Of course, the very worst of weather can even prevent cars from taking up the roadways. Say, for instance, a recent blizzard covers the streets with masses of snow. Oh no, it’s time to dig out that snow shovel! Most people tend to look for the easy way out of things, so I, myself, would probably choose to walk a few blocks in the bitter cold, rather than dealing with the hassle and labor of shoveling. In spite of the fact that driving is more accessible when dealing with nature’s elements, it is not necessarily secure. Particularly during the winter months, reports of car accidents are consistently being broadcasted over the news stations. From past experience, I would certainly say that ice is one of the worst obstacles to overcome while driving. Slipping and falling to the ground is not a pretty site either, but at least it is not nearly as life threatening as a collision. There are all sorts of weather conditions in which we must face, and there is no way of getting around them.

In conclusion, choosing between walking/bicycling and driving particularly depends on the distance in which you are traveling. Ordinarily, you have an automobile right at your disposal, but that does not imply that you must use it each and every time you need to go someplace. Indeed, driving is handy, but it is not perpetually essential. You can help the environment and even save some money by simply walking or bicycling once in a while. It is a proven fact that walking reduces the risk of heart-related illness. So, the next time you need to go to the nearby store for an item or two, consider taking a walk or hopping on your bike for a ride.

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