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Harper Lee shows in the book To Kill a Mockingbird, that both children and adults kill mocking birds. When I read that statement I thought of a mockingbird that I once knew. He was the kindest, funniest and most innocent person I ever met. I was in the second grade at the Academy of Sacred Heart when I first met Zubarr Khan. The kids were terrible from the start just because he was different. When he said his name the students started to snicker, and look at each other. His voice was very deep and he had a heavy accent. The most impressive thing about Zubarr was his size, he look as if he belonged in the fifth grade. He made up a lot of tall tales and had a very creative mind. I hung out with Zubarr sometimes and when the other guys would say things I would stick up for him. I tried to ignore the remarks but I wasn?t like Zubaar, I got mad and that only got me into trouble. The last day of the school year during the fourth grade Zubarr, came up to me and told me how much he would miss me next year. I felt sorry for him knowing that the other kids would still occasionally taunt him just because he was different. I never heard from Zubarr until the fifth grade at Cranbrook his mom called to see if I was still at Cranbrook, she wanted to know how the students there were? I told her that I?m finally fitting in so I guess you can say that we all have little bit of a mockingbird in us.

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