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The sense of urgency also showed when Capulet moved the wedding to a closer date, and then he moved it again. That rushed the story even more. When Juliet takes the Friar’s distilled liqueur to fake her death, the Friar John has to rush to Mantua to deliver the letter to Romeo to let him know. Balthasar rushes to Mantua first, and tells Romeo that she is dead. Romeo is very impatient and goes to the Capulet Tomb when he hears this bad news. When he arrives, he presumes she is truly dead. He drinks poison and he dies. A little while later, Juliet awakens and finds Romeo to be dead. She then stabs herself. If Romeo had not have been so impetuous, he would have received the letter from the friar. This sense of impulsive behavior had an enormous effect on all the events in the story.

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