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Human Resource Management Essay, Research Paper





By Joanne Lymperis 3090830

Jonathan Lopez 1108034TABLE OF CONTENTS


1.1. Chifleys function


2.1. Where does Chifley stand in its field?


3.1. Budgets

3.2. Conflict


4.1. Political, Legal

4.2. Technological, Demographic

4.3. Social, Economic

4.4. Industrial Relations


5.1. Job analysis

5.2. Recruitment and Selection

5.3. OHS

5.4. Employee Motivation



7.1. Organisational Heirarchy

Executive Summary

Aim – In this case study the Chifley Hotel will be analysed in order to attain information on how it functions and the role of Human Resource activities within.

Research Method – An interview was organised with Linda Jones the Human Resource Manager in which the group attended in order to achieve our aim

Findings -

The Chifley Hotel performs many functions. Focussing mainly on the following HR Practices:- Job analysis, Recruitment & Selection, Occupational Health & Safety, Industrial Relations/Compensation, Benefits, Training & Development & Employee Motivation.

It was through the interview and our knowledge of HR Practices that we were able to relate our findings to Human Resource Management.


Chifley Hotels are a chain of hotels which are owned and operated by a larger hotel management company called Touraust. The Chifley Hotel name was established in Melbourne in 1998 by Touraust corporation who purchased the Old Melbourne Hotel on Flemington Hotel, now known as Chifley on Flemington.

The majority of Chifleys revenue comes from its sales and accommodation, however Chifley is not just a hotel, it has a variety of departments that generate significant amounts of revenue. The Haymarket 1886 restaurant which caters for a more fine dining and intimate restaurant experience. The Chifley coffee shop which is a more casual and in-house dining experience. The Norman Lindsay bar marketed to in-house guests and business travelers to relax and have a few drinks in front of a open wood fire. Nellies public bar and better known as Dirty Nellies , is great for a Friday night knock off drink with workmates.

Last but not least the Banquets Department which caters for conferences of all sorts including food and beverage service for business breakfast s, luncheons, or business/charity dinners, Weddings and birthdays.

Along with Chifley, Touraust corporation own and operate other hotels such as The Hyatt, Australis, and various resorts such as Country Comfort.


Chifley on Flemington is rated as a 4.5 star hotel and does not compete with the likes of Grand 5 star hotels such as Sheraton Towers or the Windsor, however competes with Market niche hotels such as Novatel and Rydges which are also 4.5 star. Though driven by reputation Chifley does not aim any higher than the 4.5 standard.


Internal factors such as budgets and employee conflict can have effect on the organisations working environment. This in turn effects Chifleys achievement of objectives, affecting the organisations culture and structure.


In regards to budgets, Chifley is four months ahead of next years budgets. Future estimates of wages that will be paid have been calculated & the expected revenue they aim to attain has been calculated.

By budgeting ahead it enables Chifley to recognise the financial situation which they predict to be in, in the future. Budgeting can determine whether or not they can employ more staff or if they can expand or pay their current employees more.

The management team stated that they are happy with the current turnover rates and they have no intentions on expanding the current premises or the organisation as a whole .

Individual functions and divisions have agendas which may not be identical, so conflict over resources and the need for change may produce power struggles within the organisation.


Within Chifley, conflict is a major factor because they have 3 management bodies (The Grand, The Chifley & Toasts). These 3 bodies need to work together as one, in order to over come problems which concern budgeting and the way in which the organisation is managed to reach its most capable potential.


It is vital that an organisation identifies external factors which have an impact on the working environment and culture. Such factors include Political, Legal, technological, demographic, social, economic and industrial relations

In relation to Chifley, the most important and relevant factors which are applicable are Technology, OHS and Legal.


One important factor which is of great concern in this organisation is technological. “The level of technological advancement and rate of technological change affects the way jobs are designed, recruitment and selection, training, motivation of staff, compensation, health and safety and industrial relations”.

Chifley uses a computer system called Fidelio. This system is linked to all Chifley Hotels Australia wide. Fidelio stores data for the function of accounts, payroll, reservations/bookings, budgeting and billing. Following is an example of how this system functions. If a person who was located in Sydney wanted to spend the weekend in Melbourne in Chifley Hotel, then all they need to do is ring the Sydney Chifley Hotel and through this system this information is passed to the Melbourne branch and the booking has been completed.


Chifley does not have an OHS Officer, but instead a committee has been established which consists of a number of employees. Section 24 of the Act, and Regulations which apply to committees, enables a workplace committee to: bring to the attention of the employer and investigate any situation which a committee member or an employer think is unsafe K K


Employment contracts and auditing are just 2 factors. When an employee agrees to a contract they are provided with a handbook which outlines the terms and conditions of the contract.

Auditing is completed internally by the Tourism Management. This is completed on a regular basis to ensure the bookkeeping is within the legal parameters.



Job analysis is a basic HR activity because it focuses attention on what employees are expected to do.

Chifley has different departments that all perform different tasks. Including such departments as:

P Housekeeping – Keeps the hotel rooms up to a particular standard.

P Front Office – Takes reservations and offers service 24 hours, 7 days a week

P Hotel Accounting – manages the money and ensures Chifley is within


When a job vacancy exists, Chifley relies heavily on advertising in newspapers. The way Linda Jones selects prospective applicants is she looks at 2 essential key criteria which are:

P Extended experience within the specified area

P and relevant educational requirements which is appropriate hospitality courses and First aid level 2.


This aims at protecting the health and safety and welfare of the people at work. Chifley aims at trying to make all hazardous environments safe from harm.


Employees get paid extra for working more busy and more profitable days. This is seen to be a form of reward which is incorporated in payment schemes for employees.


A way in which employees are motivated is by using aphorisms. These are simple sayings which are usually pinned up on a notice board. They aim at encouraging and improving customer relations.


1. Stone, R J., 1998, Human Resource Management, 3rd Edition, Jacaranda Wiley Ltd, Queensland, Australia

2. Schuler, R S., et.al, 1992, Human Resource Management in Australia, 2nd Edition, West Publishing company, N.S.W, Australia

3. Travaglione, A. & Marshal, V., 2000, Human Resource Strategies: An applied approach, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Australia.


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