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Hamlet Essay, Research Paper

ally funny man. Hamlet: why are you throwing up another skull. It could be a skull of a lawyer. So who grave is this man.

Clown: It?s all mine.

Hamlet: It serves you right to dig your own grave.

Clown: It?s not really mine. This grave is for a women not for myself God rest her poor soul.

Hamlet: How long have you had this job

Clown: I got this job when Hamlet was born.

Hamlet: How long will a person be in the ground before he rots.

Clown: Usually they are fully rotten in about 8 to 9 years. Hers a skull that has been in the ground for 23 years.

Hamlet: whose skull is this.

Clown: This is the skull of Yorick he is the king jester.

Hamlet: I want to see the skull. Yes it is good old Yorick. I actually knew him. He was re

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