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Grades Do We Really Need Them Essay, Research Paper

This essay is about the article called “We Should Cherish Our Children?s Freedom to Think.” It was written by Kie Ho, a business executive who was born and raised in Indonesia. Ho writes this article about why he thinks that American education is, in many ways better than any other in the world. He raises the question, “If American education is so tragically inferior, why is it that this is still the country of innovation?”

Everyone seems to have a different opinion when it comes to this topic. Some feel that the youth of America is lazy when it comes to school. Others like Ho, feel that creativity which America has the most of , is something that people tend to dismiss or take for granted. Having the freedom to express oneself and to be creative can perhaps help a child learn better than any book or school can teach. Other foreign countries such as Japan, do not allow young students to express their true thoughts. True, they might be able to add or subtract numbers at a very young age, but they may never find out, who they really are.

Ho uses his high school years as an example. In his homeland of Indonesia he was only able to answer a question when asked. His 6 year old son, brought up in California, at a very young age is able to express his ideas and emotions, even if they differ from the truth. He feels that many American parents take this for granted. True, our public education certainly is not perfect, but we should never rule out perhaps the most important thing, one can posses; freedom of speech.

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