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Gun Contro In The U.S. Essay, Research Paper

Gun Control in the U.S.

Gun control, as we know it, consists of the government restricting the ability of individual citizens to purchase weapons. The different types of gun control vary from waiting periods between checks, so that high-risk people can?t purchase guns through legal channels, and completely banning certain types of guns. There are countless ways for criminals to avoid these government regulations, causing them to only render the ability of innocent citizens, protecting their home and family?s, to purchase guns.

Another practice technique of preventing dangerous firearms from killing honest people is to ban an entire type of weapon. The AK-47 is a commonly used example of this. Again, the criminals still have limited access to the weapon through underground channels, but these banned weapons are so powerful that there really isn?t a practical purpose for them in the home or in hunting.

This can easily be adverted by the common criminal who knows anything about the way guns are assembled. A semi-automatic machine gun can be converted into a fully-automatic gun with a little handcraft. A shotgun can become a bloody powerful weapon by sawing off the tip of it. Obviously, new methods of gun control are needed to produce desired results. In the first half of 1991, fifty children, under the age of seventeen had been shot to death. If we continue to monitor the sale of firearms, there must be new techniques that can watch where the guns end up. And if we decide that we can or will go down that track, we must make that judgment earnestly, and without haste, because it will decide the future of The United States of America as we know it.

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