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Ms. “H” Essay, Research Paper

You used to be my best friend, Homie to the end. To think we were like sisters at times. You knew me better than I knew myself, *censored*!! that’s funny . One day I woke up to find our friendship was at an end. Was it by choice or was it a voice. Voice of outside people? Or that of a inner you. Whatever it was it done, and our friendshhip is at an end. But I can tell you one thing Ms.”H”, you got some nerve.To think just because I have no craves or to put in your words no ass!! Let me tell you Ms. “H” I have much class!! I don’t need to flaunt my ass to get attention, because what I’m lacking in parts I have in brains and I’m not a shame. I’m a woman Ms. “H” and that’s all I have to say.

Thoughts of Nita-Don

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