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Time Essay, Research Paper

Time is of the essence! Be on time! Time to go to school! We are running out of time! You may not realize it, but our lives are controlled by time. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed we are its slaves.

Being a teenager, time definetly controls me, it has to. I have to be up at a certain time, so I wont be late to school. During the school day I have to be in class on time. After school I have no time! I have work and extracurricular activities that I am involved in. After this I eat dinner, study then go to bed.

My time is mainly consumed by Sleep, school, and work. Ou of the 168 hours in a week I sleep for 52.5 and am in school for 32. Work usually takes up about 23 hours a week. All my after school activities take up 6 – 12 hours a week depending if it is a busy week for the clubs I am in. This leaves me between 6 – 18 hours to study, and for free time. All the other time is take up by the little things we take for granted such as: driving back an forth and getting ready.

I try to cope with time by setting my clocks 10 minutes fast, so I will always be on time. I also take time of once in a while just to take a brake and catch up with myself. Even with these little things I cannot escape the controlling chains of time forever.

All in all, time is with everything we do, We cannot escape it so we must learn to live with it and work arround it.

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