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Procrastination is more than just a negative custom that needs to be weeded out of society; it is also a clich? a small-talk joke, boast, or complaint. After all, we all do it. Most everybody I know is willing to admit it is an exasperating problem in their life, and would benefit from a course in How to Eliminate Procrastination, but say they have to much to catch-up on, and will take it later.There are many underlying issues and causes of procrastination. Lack of relevance and interest is two of the most common causes. While perfectionism having extremely high standards, which are almost unreachable is another problem all together. Evaluation, anxiety, ambiguity, fear of failure and self-doubt, fear of success, inability to handle the task, lack of information needed to complete the task, environmental conditions, physical conditions, moreover, and anxiety over expectations that others have of you, are all very serious causes of procrastination.Poor time management is a great cause of procrastination. Procrastination means not managing time wisely. One may be uncertain of one’s priorities, goals, and objectives. Procrastinators may also be overwhelmed with the task. As a result, they keep putting off the assignments for a later date, or spending a great deal of time with your friends or worrying about upcoming examination, class project and additional papers rather than completing them.

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