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Pygmalion Essay, Research Paper

Pygmalion Paper

The traits men want in our women can never and will never be attainable by any person, no matter who they are. For many years, love has been kind of a lost cause. Men might look for a woman that could satisfy their needs in the present, but they had no thought of what she might be like in the future. Male and female relationships in the myth Pygmalion, the book Pygmalion, and in “real” life have many similarities. All the men look for the most desirable traits in women, and sometimes we don’t always get what we want. But with those similarities, comes a few differences.

In the book, myth and in real life, the men aspire for traits in women that they could never have or aren’t worthy of. In the myth, the beauty of the goddess Aphrodite enchanted Pygmalion. And it was this enchantment that made him make the sculpture of her. In the book, Higgins wanted Eliza’s strength. In a weird way, he got what he wanted when she finally stood up to him. In real life, all men want traits in women that we think will suit our needs. We want to marry a woman that can meet all of our desires. Men from all different times and walks of life, dream of the woman that they want, but can never have. Perfection is unattainable, even in the stories passed down from generation to generation.

With the changing times, the men look for different traits in women. In the times of the myth, men probably looked for a woman that could cook, clean and mother his children. Where as, in the harsh times of the book, men probably looked for women that could be strong and loyal. Now, men all over the world look for women that are athletic, beautiful, and smart and have a unique attitude towards life. Men now a-days men still look for traits that the men long ago wanted in their women.

In all three examples, the men don’t really get what they want; instead they get what has always been in front of them. The may have to settle for “the next best thing”. In the myth, Pygmalion didn’t get to marry Aphrodite; instead he married his sculpture that was brought to life by Aphrodite. In the book, Higgins had to settle with his mother, who he always thought was the perfect woman. In life, men will usually have to go with the next best, which they may not think will satisfy them, but in actuality, is exactly what they are looking for.

No matter where you look, there will always be the same unattainable woman in your life. You must be able to fight past all that and find the one person that you were truly meant to be with.

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