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Julius Caeser – Brutus Essay, Research Paper

Was Brutus a man of principle or a hypocrite?

After reading the play Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare, I would conclude that Brutus was a man of principle and honor. Brutus, a servant and close friend to Caesar, has a strong relationship with Caesar but a stronger relationship with Rome and its people. Brutus felt that Caesar was too ambitious. He would not allow Caesar to rise to power and then turn his back onto the people of Rome. He is also a noble man who was revered by many. Brutus had joined the conspiracy because he had the desire to help the commoners. He was a follower of idealism, where the Romans would possess peace, liberty and freedom. Brutus participated in the assasination of Caeser because he believed that Caeser would tyrn his back on the peopleof Rome. After the assassination of Julius Caesar, Brutus talks to Antony about Caesar’s death. “Our hearts you see not; they are pitiful; and pity to the general wrong of Rome…”. Brutus says that Antony cannot see the hearts of the conspirators, which are full of pity. Again, this shows how Brutus loved Caesar but cared for the life of Rome and its people more. This is the only reason Brutus would conspire against Caesar. For Brutus says to himself, “I know no personal cause to spurn at him…How that might change his nature…”. Caesar’s relationship with Brutus is also strong. Just allowing Brutus to speak to Caesar shows his respect for Brutus. Caesar feels that Brutus is noble to him and does the right thing regardless of personal danger. On the Ides of March, as Caesar was assassinated, Caesar’s last line is: “Et tu, Brute?–Then fall, Caesar.” This shows that Caesar would not die without Brutus’ stab. Caesar realizes that there must be a noble reason for his assassination if Brutus was in it.

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