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Beowulf And Christianity Essay, Research Paper

The epic poem Beowulf, one of the sources for a Western paradigm portrays Christ

as a warrior. The Anglo-Saxon tradions emphasises Christainity as a herioc code,

yet sometimes contradicting to traditional Christain values. Is Beowulf a

Christain poem? Luke 11:4. Forgiveness, an important virtue in a Christains

life. When Beowulf sees his life coming to a close before he faces the dragon,

he decides to forgive his enemies. Even though they feel no remores or sdaness

for their evil deeds of killing and murdering kinsman. Beowulf wanted to get his

life in check for God. We see in the Bible Jesus Christ at the cross

"Forgave then for they no not what they have done." Throughout

Christain heritage, Christ implements the fact that forgiveness is key to

rightness with God. Just as Jesus forgives, we should forgive. Beowulf also

spends time giving thanks and praises to God throughout the poem. "For this

sight (killing of Grendel) may thank be made quickly to the Almighty" pg

39. His intentions seem honorable and worth for the Christian God. He reconises

that God is more powerful than himself. When Beowulf wins a battle he accrediets

God. "The fight would have been ended straightway if God had not guarded

me" pg 48. Beowulf and his followers recognize God’s power and eternal

stregth, they never seem to deny it is there. God is metioned as the "All

Knowing God" pg 50, "King of Glory" pg63, "Eternal

Prince" pg 63, and "Ruler of Men" pg 62. Christanity seems to be

seedes through Beowulf, yet through the poem Jesus Christ is never metioned. The

true values and virtues of Christ’s life are left out.

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