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Industrial Revolution And Its Agricultur Essay, Research Paper

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was the shift,

at different times in different countries, from a

traditional agriculturally based economy to one

based on the mechanized production of manufactured

goods in large-scale enterprises. The first

Industrial Revolution occurred in Great Britain

at the end of the 18th century; it profoundly

altered Britain’s economy and society.

Britain did not long remain the only country to

experience an Industrial Revolution. Attempts to

specify dates for the Industrial Revolution in

other countries are controversial and not

particularly rewarding. Nonetheless, scholars

generally agree that the Industrial Revolution

occurred in France, Belgium, Germany, and the

United States about the middle of the 19th century;

in Sweden and Japan toward the end of the century;

in Russia and Canada just after the turn of the

20th century; and in parts of Latin America,

the Middle East, Central and southern Asia, and

Africa about or after the middle of the 20th


The agriculture of the Industrial Revolution

included the art, science, and industry of

managing the growth of plants and animals for

human use. In a broad sense agriculture includes

cultivation of the soil, growing and harvesting

crops, breeding and raising of livestock,

dairying, and forestry. The above listed from

the resources used were all an important part of

the Industrial Revolution. They not only helped

Great Britain, but also led to many advancements

in the future.

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