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Hester Prynne Essay, Research Paper

Hester stands out as an individual. Her beauty and uniqueness separates her

from the rest of the Puritans. She represents the revealed sinner, which makes

her unique because even though all of the Puritans had sinned only Hester?s

sin was revealed to the entire town. She is the strongest character in the book.

Through her needlework she represents the artist. Hester also represents

unrestricted human nature. Throughout the novel Hester?s actions make it

possible for her letter “A” to mean many things other than adultery, such

as: Able, Affection, Artist, Angel, Antagonism, America, Alone, Anguish,

and Atonement. Hester is also a symbol for the New World, which she

returns to at the end of the novel.

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