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In Antigone, there is a strong love for family shown. As the story begins we areinformed of a war that has taken place between two brothers. The one who wasdefending his land, Eteocles, was to receive a proper burial and the one that attacked theland, Polynices, was . . .not to be buried, not to be mourned. King Creon orderedanyone caught burying Polynices to be stoned. Since both men were brothers toAntigone, she felt both should receive a proper burial so she covered Polynices with alayer of dirt. She went against an order of a King because of her love for her brother. Haemon and his father Creon get into a discussion about what the people of Thebes wantdone to Antigone. Creon refuses to listen to them but Haemon tells his father that thepeople think Antigone s act was a noble one and she doesn t deserve punishment. Creonaccuses his son of being on the woman s side . Haemon denies this and says, No,no–Unless you re the woman. It s you I m fighting for. Haemon believes that Antigone

was right in what she did but he will not fight for Antigone unless his father agrees thather act was noble. In real life we see the some examples of love for family also. My cousin, Matt, andhis ex-wife, Amber, were living separately and in the middle of getting a divorce. Shegot the kids on the weekends while he got them through the week. When the kids werearound she didn t change her life style and did some things around the kids that weren tappropriate. Amber s father went to Matt and told him that he fight and try to make sureMatt got full custody of the children when everything was settled. When the custodyhearing came up, Amber s father had changed his mind and was fighting for Amber toreceive full custody even though he thought what she was doing was wrong. Love forfamily members is strong enough to stop you from going against them no matter whatthey might have done.

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