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Persausive Essay, Research Paper

California is going through crucial times at the moment due to the power crisis. This does not proceed any further. The government is looking for alternative resources that can be used to produce electricity and a lot these resources can be found right here in the Valley. Our Valley is based on Agriculture and livestock ; livestock is very essential for the project to evolve because to produce this resource we need the feces that these animals produce which in turn will give us biogas- our resource. The idea is very simple, farmers that usually throw animal feces away should collect it. We take the feces and mix it with water. Then we pass it down into a biogas plant, that will be built to produce the gas. The bacteria that are living down in the biogas plant decompose the feces and release rich gases, such as hydrogen, methane and other combustible fuels. We introduce plastic pipe lines, that are inexpensive and resourceful and connect them throughout the area. We can run the whole city on biogas if there is sufficient amounts.

My adversary might say that this is sordid, but nobody is getting harmed in any why, by producing biogas. Instead, it is a clean fuel when burned and does not cause pollution. It can benefit us in everyway and effectively help the power crisis diminish. This can also help neighboring cities and states solve there power crisis. My adversary also might say that it is a big task and costly but the cost of building the biogas plant is estimated at $800,000+ and be repaid after 10-15 years, this will reduce electricity bills be 25%-40%.

In conclusion, we should all do are part by supporting the construction of a biogas plant because not only is it cheap, efficient, and clean, it is readily available to us , especially the people living in the valley. So write to governor or even the mayor and stamp our new resource into his head so we can live a better life and not have pay enormous amounts of money for our power. The people of the valley should unite on such a issue because it will effect everyone in one way or another.

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