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Roles Of The Wives Essay, Research Paper

Bless Me Ultima

High School is primarily made up of “groups”. In fact, any school for that matter consists of many different groups, which are put together by the kids. CVHS is not the most diverse school in the area, but it still contains people who congregate into their own groups. It is a known fact that people associate and hang out with other people that they share similar interests with. Someone is going to want to be in a group where they feel accepted and can be themselves.

In the novel Bless Me Ultima, the protagonist Antonio, hangs out with the “big boys”, which are the boys from town. Antonio says in chapter three:

” I knew that when I went to school in the fall I would get to know them well. I was only sad because they would be a year ahead of me and I already felt so close to them.” (35)

It is very odd that Antonio already feels so close to the boys, considering he has never once spoken to them. Antonio knew who they were and a little bit about their characteristics only by observing them Sunday after Sunday. However, once the kids noticed him, he fit right in with the group. From reading this novel, you come to find out that Antonio acts and thinks as if he is very much older then he is. This is why he fits in so well with the group, which is made up of the older kids of the town. His school does provide him with an opportunity to expand his base of friends during recess and lunchtime. During recess and lunch, all the grades are thrown together, giving the kids an opportunity to converse with other kids at a higher or lower grade level. Antonio feels accepted, but still is a little cautious around the group.

Groups at CVHS are definitely formed for similar reasons, reasons similar to Antonio’s school. At CVHS, three groups which you hear about the most are: (1) the Popular group, (2) the Cowboy group, (3) the Smart Kid group. The purpose that all these different groups serve is just to make people feel accepted and know that there are people who share the same interests and beliefs that they do. I think these groups originate in middle school, around 6th or 7th grade. These groups, for the most part, carry into high school.

People within these groups, don’t only have friends in their group, but may have many friends from other groups. These groups are set up basically so kids have someplace to go during break, lunchtime, and after school. If you’re in one of these groups, your not confined to only knowing those people. For instance, someone in the Cowboy group may be friends with someone in the Smart Kid group. All the groups intermingle with each other during school, but when it is break, lunch, or out of school, all the groups break off and do their own thing. Looking at the three groups, the Popular group is the broadest. There really is no defined line. Mostly football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball players make up the Popular group. To be Popular means to be well known.

A couple of years ago, I envied the kids who were in the Popular group so much. I would have given anything to be in that group. But being a senior and analyzing the three years of high school I’ve been through, I really didn’t know anything. I realize now that the only thing that matters is knowing you have people who care very much about you and you know you can count on. It really doesn’t matter what group you are in, or if you are in any group at all. So I guess each year, as you get older, you realize some things just aren’t as important as you thought they were.

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