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Space Program Essay, Research Paper

Should Money be spent on the Space Program?

I think that tax dollars as well as government money should go to the space program. I feel this way because the more we learn about space in general, the more technological advancements we will acquire in the years to come. If you think about everything we have learned as a result of space travel in the past 40 years alone, than just to think of what we could learn in the next 40 years to come. One result of space travel, and the learning of earth s orbit, has given us such things as pagers, cell phones, and global positioning devices that some people don t think they could live without.

Money that went to the space program has given us, for example, satellites. Satellites are a very valuable source of information for the people down on earth. The Hubble Space Telescope alone has allowed us to learn a great deal about our own galaxy as well as other galaxies in the universe. Also, the Hubble Space Telescope can identify comets, meteors or huge asteroids that could be a major threat to the planet earth.

In conclusion, spending money on the space program is something that should not be overlooked. Another thing that people don t realize is that NASA does everything in its power to save as much money as possible. When they realized how costly the Apollo missions were, they developed a spacecraft that was reusable many times over again. This saved a ton of money and allowed us to keep learning about space and still maintain a reasonable budget. I feel that in the long run, we will be able to look back on everything the research and exploration of space has given us.

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