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Gas Prices In The Bay Area Essay, Research Paper

A main source of transportation is the car. People use cars to get around instead of catching public transportation. Even though public transportation like, A.C. Transit and BART, can be very convenient and sometimes cheap. The main problem about having a car is you have to pay for your gas for your own car. Right now gas prices are tremendously high right now in the Bay Area. If gas prices are not lowered back down to $1.05 in the Bay Area, people will start taking BART and AC. Transit, and any other sources of transportation more often.

For a while things were going great until a problem hit Bay Area cities like Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, and so on. Factories were shutting down like Tosco and Chevron because of difficulties and disasters occurred. At the Chevron refinery in Richmond, something blew up causing many people in the area to get sick, people being injured on the job site, and some people losing their lives while at work. There has got to be ways to stop these problems but it seems like companies are not trying to fix them right away. The same thing happened at the Tosco refinery previously to the Chevron accident. Tosco blew up and polluted the air and got people sick and killed another man.

People having to suffer from the careless mistakes and the improper procedures taken by the people who run the refineries. Not only are we devastated by what s happening at the refineries but we, as drivers, are devastated by the prices that we have to pay just for one gallon of gas. One gallon of unleaded fuel that is actually cheap since the gas inflation is, $1.45. Before any of the inflation happened, one gallon of unleaded fuel cost, $1.05. Man, I know people miss that huh.

I was speaking to A BART representative, who is on the BART board, told me that BART has gone up around 20%. To me that s a lot. A.C. Transit has also gone up around 15%. So in a way it is good for the public transportation people and bad for the gas companies. Maybe the decrease in gas will come soon because the lack of money that is coming in.

In my studies to find out if public transportation would be used more, I was right. Of course I would be somewhat right off of personal opinion because I am one of those people who is using A.C. Transit and BART to get to school and class on Saturday mornings.

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