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Mending Wall Essay, Research Paper

1) This poem is about human nature. People have a natural tendency to build up

walls. They push people out and shut people off. However, at the same time we

want to not have to build these walls. We want to have a life without walls and

let everyone into our lives. I think Frost feels a little of both when he speaks

of mending the walls. (Lines 13-14) "And on a day we meet to walk the line,

And set the wall between us once again". The two neighbors meet and come

together, yet they push each other away once again. This shows both tendencies

to come together and build walls to keep apart. 2) To me a wall is just a

barrier separating two people or things. The Berlin wall for example, this wall

separated two countries. It was inevitable that one day this wall would come

down. Walls must come down. Walls do not make good neighbors. Walls are things

like discrimination or social injustice. Walls are not a good thing to have. If

the world had less walls, we would be more unified and would live in a much

happier place. 3) Blank verse seems to be effective in this poem because with

every new line, a new idea is developed. It isn?t like a poem with stanzas

however because stanzas tend to focus on one idea. Frost joins all his lines

together while still focusing on different ideas. He uses this style of poetry

to help in developing the theme. Everything flows together yet stands apart line

by line.

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