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My Life Essay, Research Paper

Each piece was marked with four numbers: the first

indicated which span; the second, noted which row of

stones; and the last two indicated which position in that


It was discovered while dismantling the Bridge, that there

were code numbers on each stone when it was originally

built: Rennie must have used the same system when the

sections left the quarries.

Reconstructing the Bridge in Lake Havasu City was done

in the same manner as the ehyptians built pyramids. Sand

mounds beneath each arch were carefully formed to the

profile of the original bridge arches, serving the same

function as molds. When work was completed the sand

was removed. a one-mile channel was dredged and water

was diverted from the lake, under the Bridge, then back

into the lake.

The bridge was shipped by boat 10,000 miles to Long

Beach, California. From there, it was trucked to lake

havasu City where it was sotred in seven-acre fenced

storage compound. On September 23, 1968, the Lord

mayor of London, Sir Gilbert Inglefield, laid the corner

stone. Robert Beresfornd, a civil engineer from

Nottingham, England was in charge of the reconstruction

of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.

As a guideline, he had a copy of the original plans drawn

by John Rennie. During the reconstruction, Mr Beresford

drew sketches of the bride in different phases of

construction. There are a limited number of these prints.

When Mr. Beresford returned to England, he gave

exclusive right to D & P Antique in lake havasu City to sell

these prints.

The Bridge was completed and dedicated on October 10,



somewhere on the internent

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