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Career Paper Essay, Research Paper

Most people don?t even know what they what to be when they grow up while they

are still in high school, some don?t even know when they are entering college. I, on the

other hand, have a precise idea on which career I would like to pursue. Most kids, like me,

go through the ? I want to be a doctor? phase, and the ? I want to be a lawyer? or ?

veterinarian ? phase, which I did as well, but I have this uncontrollable urge to earn as

much money as I can, and for some reason I think I could with my specific career choice. I

would like to continue my education further, to a college specializing in Business

Administration. I would like, if I feel that my choice will suit my everyday living for the

rest of my working life, to earn my MBA, or Masters in Business Administration. Not

many people that I know have pursued this career, but I find it absolutely fascinating. I

don?t know if it is the fact that people in the business world seem to not have a heavy

work day, especially if you are part of the upper management, or even luckier, an

executive. I scheduled two business courses last year. Unfortunately, for some odd reason,

I was not given the courses that I selected. I think that there weren?t enough people signed

up for the course in order for them to run it. It is a shame, it would have been an early

start and a great opportunity for me in testing out my area of interest. Unfortunately I

think that in order to earn the kind of money I would like I will need an excellent

education from a honorable school. This type of education requires a large tuition which

will be a problem in the future, but I should direct my energy now into other things that


important now. Part of my tuition I know I will have to pay for, the rest will come from

scholarships and my current place of employment. I had a great opportunity to be

employed with Merck & co., Inc., in White House Station. It is the world headquarters

and a great place to start off my career. If I am employed there for 6 months full time,

which I have already begun to do, they will pay for 100 percent of my tuition, including

books, as long as I continue to work there during my education. That could cause a

potential problem, considering that I have to work there during my education. For one

reason I cannot fully focus on my schooling, and two I am limited in the schools to choose

from. I guess I can?t really complain, it is after all a great opportunity.

One thing that makes me perfect for the business world is my eagerness to go out

of my way for other people and be extremely nice and courteous at the same time. People,

as well as potential customers, find this to be a great quality for a person to have when

you are going to be dealing with them for business purposes. I do have though somewhat

of a short temper, but it doesn?t seem to show as much while I am at work as it does while

I am at home. Personality plays a large role in whether or not you make it in the real

world. Either people like you or they don?t, and that could mean making or breaking a


I think that I have excellent work values, my past employers do as well. I worked

at the Clinton ShopRite for three months before I was asked to help manage the front end,

that say a lot about my work ethics. It shows that at age16 a Corporation trusted me with

full responsibility of over 20 employees at times. This was also a great opportunity for me.

Teenagers first jobs are a large influence on the future work habits that they will form for

the rest of their lives. It forms a mold for them, that they will fit into as time passes.

I have held a jobs ranging from landscaping, to preparing sandwiches and food, to

working for a large corporation. Variety is the key to success. Employers love to hear that

you are a well rounded person. Most companies would most certainly choose a person

that is already trained to perform more tasks over one that is focused on one area. You are

a much more valuable employee for many reasons. You can perform in all areas and

aspects for the company, and they get more for their money from you.

Unfortunately I am not the most envolved person in school. I know that colleges

look at your after school activities when going through their enrollment phase and take it

into large consideration, but I like to focus my energy towards my employer more than I

do to my education. This has it?s advantages and disadvantages. First of all, education is a

mold for your future. It is the first layer of bricks and can either make or break your

future. With out an education your are most likely destined to go nowhere. With a high

school diploma and a good college degree you may not exactly be promised a job but your

chances are more likely. You are also , and more importantly, more likely to start out at a

higher salary than that of a person with out a college degree.

The scary thing is that I really have no clue what an average day of a person in the

business world is like. There are so many fields to choose from within a large corporation

that it would be hard to say right now exactly what I would like to pursue and what each

actually does throughout the day. I almost definitely know that I would like to be a part of

the upper management to start, and eventually end up as an executive or CEO. In order to

climb this ladder I will have to of received my MBA, master?s in business administration,

management classes as well as some marketing courses. I still find all of these fields

interesting and the more I can study the more well-rounded I can become. It would be

nice to continue my career in Merck. I happen to know a friend whose father is a top

executive at Merck?s world headquarters in Whitehouse, where I work. He attended

Voorhees and graduated from there but has since then moved back to Norway, his country

of origin. His name was Perola Wold-Olsen, in case you might have had him throughout

his high school career. Anyway, his father is a top executive but I haven?t been able to

show my face there when he is around so maybe I can get hooked up with another, better,

job in Merck. Considering my friend?s fathers supervisor is the President/CEO of the

company, and his office is right next to his, I think he could pull a couple strings around

the place and get me into a good job there. I guess I am just waiting for the right time, and

it will come. I would like to begin somewhere around the thirty to forty thousand dollar

range, but that is extremely when for someone coming out of college and going into their

first job. I would like to retire from that company, hopefully, with at least a 6 digit salary,

or even better in the millions. I might even begin my own company, one may never know.

If I study the area of business that I like and I am making enough money to satisfy

myself as well as my family then I will be happy. I don?t even want to live with the fear of

financial problems. No one should ever have to go through life like that, but unfortunately

they do. Another sad fact in today?s society is that money evolves around most things. It

can?t buy happiness as you most likely have already heard, but it can buy anything material

that your heart desire. Anything that you dream about could come true, and not because

you are a nice person but because you could afford it. I know there are a lot of other

things in life that are more important than money, like love, family and relationships, but

money will add to the happiness of it all, making youre life complete in that aspect. The

rest is up to you.

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