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Theseus Essay, Research Paper

Theseus, a very noble man of high power had many different qualities about him. Though his qualities were not specifically stated in “ A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream,” it was obvious what kind of person he was.

In Act 1, Scene 1, when Theseus is talking to his Hyppolyta, it appears that he is very deeply in love. He is very excited about the wedding and asks for preparations. He specifically states this when he says, “…Stir up the Athenian youth to merriments, awake the pert and nimble spirit of merth, turn melancholy forth to funerals”(13-15) 1. He is very proud and happy to be marrying Hyppolyta, the woman he loves. “Hyppolyta, I woed thee with my sword, and won thy love doing thee injuries; But I will wed thee in another key, with pomp, with triumph, and with revelling”(17-20) 1. This proves that Theseus is a happy optimistic man.

In this particular part of the play, Act 4, Scene 1, Theseus acts in a very strange way. Though he a person who is usually orderly and abides the law, in this case he goes against it. Against Egeus’s word he allows the marriage between Lysander and Hermia, and Demetrius and Helena to take place. He states this very specifically when he says, “Egeus, I will overbear your will; For in the temple, by and by, with us, these couples shall eternally be knit”(183-185) 62. This kind of behavior not only shows that Egeus is a very kind-hearted man, but also that he is understanding. He understands that a person can’t fall in love with someone else by some kind of force, as in the case of Hermia and Demetrius. Thus, he lets Hermia marry Lysander.

Act 5, Scene 1 reveals that Theseus is a very picky but curious human being. In this scene Philostrate reviews all the entertainment that is supposed to be viewed at the wedding. After much confusion and thought, Theseus picks the least admirable show called Pyramus and Thisby. He is very curious about how this play will be performed. He specifically doesn’t understand how a play could be “merry and tragical” and “tedious and brief” at the same time, but he demands a showing of the play because he is very curious.

All these reasons make Theseus seem as man with a wide-range of qualities. He is a happy, proud, optimistic, understanding, kind-hearted, and curious man. These qualities weren’t specifically listed in the play, but his actions helped me determine and understand his qualities as a person.

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