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The browsing tool to locate available hosts on the network can employ filters using string variables to search for host names. NetOp lists hosts found matching the string for selection. Your network may have thousands of nodes available as hosts at any one time.

Other services include:

? Version 6.5 includes a powerful, yet easy to use, scripting tool for unattended file transfer or launching applications

? Audio warning and /or display of information box upon the remote control of your PC

? Optional information box with list of who has connected to the PC

? Host shows which Guest is currently controlling the host

? You can type messages to remote users or Speak with the Host user using your PCs microphone and speakers. NetOp offers configuration parameters to optimize sound, volume, and audio compression (Codec).

? Whether for security reasons or simply to document sessions, the session recording feature comes in handy for tracking exactly what has occurred on the Host PC. Using the recording tool it is simple to record and view remote control sessions initiated with a Host


NetOp Remote Control for Windows 6.0 = $165

Pricing per seat:

1,000 standard hosts (each) = $29.00

10 guests (each) = $119.50

Total $30,195



Funk Software?s ?Proxy? version 3.02

Platforms and protocols supported

The Proxy Master must run on a PC with at least a 386 processor and Windows 3.1 (enhanced mode), 95, 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 (workstation or server).

You may use Proxy over any type of network ? including dial-up, Ethernet, token ring, and FDDI that supports the IP or IPX standard protocols. The following conditions apply:

o IP is a general-purpose protocol supported on a wide variety of networks and servers. To enable communication using IP:

o On Windows 3.1, you need a WinSock 1.1 compliant IP stack.

o On Windows 95 or Windows 98, you need the Microsoft TCP/IP Protocol (included with Windows 95 or 98), or you may use another TDI compliant IP stack.

o On Windows NT, you need the Microsoft TCP/IP Protocol (included with Windows NT), or you may use another WinSock 2 compliant IP stack.

o IPX usually runs on networks using Novell NetWare. To enable communication-using IPX, it is not necessary to log in any PC to a NetWare server, nor is it necessary to run a NetWare client. Instead:

o On Windows 3.1, you need the Novell 16-bit or 32-bit client IPX protocol.

o On Windows 95 or Windows 98, you need the Microsoft IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol (included with Windows 95 or 98), or you may use the Novell Client-32 IPX protocol.

o On Windows NT, you need the Microsoft NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport (included with Windows NT).

o On DOS, you need a DOS-based IPX-compatible protocol stack, and a 16-bit NetWare Client that uses either NetX or VLM.

o On a NetWare File Server, IPX is already loaded.

Installation and resources required

Sean Doherty (2000) states in his examination of software for Network Computing Magazine that, ?Funk Proxy received the highest marks in our tests for a network installation to multiple hosts.?

Use as Diagnostic Tool

The Proxy Master is a Windows application that allows a user to take control of another PC on the network via a direct, peer-to-peer connection.

File transfer is new to Proxy. The simple interface provides options for get, put, delete, create directory, move and rename. According to Sean Doherty (2000), file transfer over the network and modem were adequate, but slower than that of the other products we tested. Take note that the file-transfer mechanism will overwrite existing files without warning. It finished last, in Sean Doherty (2000) tests for file transfer.

The Proxy Host is a program that allows a PC to accept connections from Proxy Masters. Issue the Connect command, and Proxy scans the network to locate the host workstations available. You simply select the PC or PCs that you want to take over from the list of workstation names that Proxy displays.

Use Proxy Command Files to make one or more PCs accessible from within a 32-bit web browser. This is the easiest way to provide widespread access to specialized PCs, and eliminates the need to set up specialized connections on each user?s PC.

Blank the Host?s screen when you connect. This allows you to open and edit documents on the Host PC, which may be sensitive or confidential, and remain unobserved while you work.

The software shows each PC that you take over its own continuously updated window. You can switch from controlling one PC to the next simply by activating the appropriate window. Record and play back agent screens, for training and evaluation

Automatically reboot your Host PC upon disconnects. This allows you to automatically reset the Host PC when you explicitly disconnect, or when your connection fails for another reason.

Additional features that aid in remote diagnostics:

o Drag-and-drop to transfer files between your Master and Host PCs, or between different directories on the Host

o Print from an application on the Host to a printer attached to your Master PC

o Copy text and graphics from the Host PC to the Master

o Remotely reboot the Host

o Use the Create Shortcut command to save any connection to an icon

o Set up tasks to automate any process, for example to connect to a Host and launch an application


Proxy?s ability to render colors accurately depends on the capabilities of the Windows display driver. The most accurate color reproduction occurs when the Master?s color capability matches or exceeds that of the host PC.


Proxy does not include a user manager. It lacks enterprise wide user administration capabilities.

Any Master and Host can connect to each other via a direct, peer-to-peer connection, as long as they each use the same protocol (IP or IPX) over the connection. The operating system platforms for Master and Host do not need to be the same:

Proxy also lets you directly connect over phone lines to a PC at another location, for comprehensive access to files and applications stored on that PC.

Proxy automatically knows what modem you are using, for the easiest set-up. And, it stores the 10 most recent phone numbers dialed in a dropdown menu, for easy one-click access to a remote PC, Proxy also includes advanced data compression that ensures you of the fastest performance, whatever type of connection you use.


The developers of the software built multiple advanced security options into Proxy, so you can govern access to your Host PC. You can set a password on your PC. You can set your PC to beep when a Proxy Master connects, or while a session is in progress. No one can observe your PC’s screen without your knowledge.

You have the capability to configure hosts for a number of security options. These included permit or deny connections, lockout connections, and lockout or permit connections based on time configuration. The host can also require guests to obtain their permission before remotely controlling the host. If the host receives a request to control from a guest and does not respond after a set time, the host may grant the permission by default or disconnect the guest. For even more control, you can set specific times and days of the week during which your PC may be taken over. For example, you may permit usage of your PC after hours and on weekends, but prohibit access while you are at work.

For maximum access security, you can even require that a Master PC that wishes to connect to your PC explicitly request your permission before taking you over. If you deny permission, the Proxy Master can’t connect, even if it knows your password and is attempting to connect during permitted times.

Proxy also lets you guarantee the privacy of the work you are performing on a Host PC. These features are particularly useful when you are running Proxy over a remote node dial-in connection, and may be operating an unattended PC on the LAN.


On Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98, when you first start the Proxy Master, you will notice that, unlike most Windows applications, this one does not have a menu bar. Instead, all commands are contained in the Proxy control menu. This allows more space for showing the screen of the Host PC. To issue a Proxy command, click the Proxy control menu icon in the upper left corner of the Proxy window. The Proxy control menu displays and you may select the appropriate command.

Proxy offers several capabilities that simplify your remote control session. You can:

o Drag-and-drop to transfer files between your Master and Host PCs, or between different directories on the Host

o Print from an application on the Host to a printer attached to your Master PC

o Copy text and graphics from the Host PC to the Master

o Remotely reboot the Host

o Use the Create Shortcut command to save any connection to an icon

o Set up tasks to automate any process, for example to connect to a Host and launch an application

o Use Proxy Command Files to make one or more PCs accessible from within a 32-bit web browser. This is the easiest way to provide widespread access to specialized PCs, and eliminates the need to set up specialized connections on each user?s PC.

Moreover, Proxy includes advanced data compression that ensures you of the fastest performance, whatever type of connection you use.


Proxy 3.02 starts at $175.

Pricing per seat:

1,000 standard hosts (each) = $14.50

10 guests (each) = $75

Total $15,250



Laplink.com?s ?Laplink 2000?

Platforms and protocols supported

Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0


TXP/IP and IPX networks, Parallel and serial Cables, Wireless, including Fast-infrared, Internet, Modem to modem, and Dial-Up Networking

Installation and resources required

Pre-configure the basic setup for silent installation and then distribute this customized setup to end users for installation. The LapLink Host icon appears only in the Windows system tray, so end users do not need to know it is running.


Intel 486DS, 100Mhz, 16 MB of RAM, 15 MB hard disk, VGA monitor, and Sound card for Voice Chat

Use as Diagnostic Tool

Synchronize data between various PCs. Run database applications. Operate, maintain and even reboot PCs or servers. LapLink Gold lets you do it all remotely with a single software solution! You can, remotely operate a PC, establish up to 15 simultaneous remote control sessions, retrieve files, access network resource, execute all desktop applications, exchange written messages with remote users via Text Chat, talk to remote users via Voice Chat, and use remote resources, such as network printers or servers Maintains a complete log of all connections. It monitors and records users called, files transferred, security violations and more.

Laplink has the following file capabilities :

? Move, copy or transfer files and folders using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

? Resume file transfer right where it was interrupted, saving time

? Transfer just the updated portion of a file with LoapLink?s patented SpeedSync?

? Synchronize folders automatically and schedule unattended file transfers


LapLink provides two bonus connection options: Link to Net and Internet Directory Option. Link to Net allows a guest to link to a host to access the Internet, a LAN or other LapLink computers. This feature points out where remote control meets remote access. You use a LapLink host as a remote access point to locate other LapLink hosts or link to the LAN or the Internet. Although password protected, the Link to Net connection could open security holes. A better route would be a dedicated, secure remote access server, such as NetOp’s Access Server, providing one point for remote access and authentication.

The Internet Directory Option compares to pcAnywhere support for directory services. It lets hosts register a name with an Internet directory server. By default, hosts can register with LapLink’s directory server using their e-mail address.

At your desk or traveling the globe, LapLink gives you the ease of quick access to all of your network resources and to files stored on your desktop PC. Access files with reassuring security and transfer at lightning speeds. Unlike pcAnywhere and ReachOut, LapLink lacks NT Domain integration.


Password protection set during silent installation ensures that users only use LapLink Host to receive authorized technical support. The software prevents users from making their own outbound connections. In addition, you can configure a local password to prevent users from closing LapLink Host, ensuring that you can connect at any time. Laplink provides Multi-level DES encryption, including Microsoft?s CryptoAPI; software has lockout protection for password failure, and folder-level security designated by the user.


o Connection to DSL

o Automation of file transfers

o Two-way file exchange to update files at both locations

o Prevention of deleted files recreation during synchronization

o Up to three PC installation from one purchased product

o Installation of Windows 2000 Advanced Server


Downloadable: $129.95

Physical Shipments: $169.95

Pricing per seat:

1,000 standard hosts (each) = $45

10 guests (each) = $101.99

Total $46,020



Stac Software?s ?ReachOut Enterprise? version 8.42

Platforms and protocols supported

ReachOut can handle just about any remote-networking configuration. ReachOut Enterprise is available in a network-only or modem/network version. The latter supports modem-to-modem, LAN, Internet, and ISDN connections. When it comes to linking the host and viewer, five methods are available, starting with straight modem, ISDN and network links using TCP/IP, IPX or NetBIOS protocols. The software also provides support for direct cable connection, and you can use the software over dial-up links configured using a range of remote access hardware and software. The supporting platform can be either Windows NT or 95/98 – a unified install routine works out what platform you use and loads the necessary modules to suit. Support for older Windows 3.1 and DOS systems is also available, and there is a browser plug-in, known as ReachOut Passport, for viewers only. This supports the same features and user interface, but allows you to connect to hosts over an Internet or intranet connection using a Web browser.

Installation and resources required

ReachOut provides a typical, compact or custom install. A typical installation requires 7,382 KB of disk space; the compact edition requires 2.13 MB. ReachOut makes use of a small memory footprint to provide a full-featured remote control product, lacking only audio chat and the ability to record sessions. The program provides a series of wizards that ease installation and configuration. During the installation on Windows 95clients, however, you have to update your Winsock to Version 2.0 in order to use IPX and TCP/IP protocols.

An automated network installation creates an encrypted security file imported into the NT registry or a shared folder under Windows 95 networking. You can modify the encrypted file?s default security setting. Changes take effect the next time a user logs into the network. ReachOut also has scripts that can work with any type of network installation, even when performed with setup disks. You can insert scripts that configure host and remote operations into a text file read during installation.

Use as Diagnostic Tool

Despite being a very comprehensive package, in practice ReachOut is straightforward to use. You complete much of the setup using wizards, for example, you can configure icons to open up each connection, and there is a useful phonebook for those who need to connect to a range of remote systems. In additions, there is an Explorer-like file transfer option and a window through which it is possible to simultaneously chat with a remote operator.

The zero admin host service features launch the host component on a system when it is turned on. The host component resides quietly in the background, so a help desk administrator can easily take control of the system for troubleshooting. ReachOut allows remote control from a Web browser. This allows support staff to troubleshoot and fix problems on several host platforms across many types of connections.

It also allows centralized management of the entire network. There are problems with file transfers though. There is a bug that prevents the delta file transfer from working properly. There is also a problem with synchronization. When a file and a directory had the same name, transfers didn’t take place. It is intuitive, but has some rough edges.


Performance will depend on the type of connection, with an Internet session likely to be the slowest (although some have a little trouble with any of the connections that are set up). Wide ranges of customization options are available to boost throughput.

There are also options to limit what you can do with the software, all of which you can configure centrally. Few remote control packages match ReachOut in terms of platform support or the variety of ways in which you can link remote systems.


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