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Throughout my childhood life, I never thought of being successful in anything. Until one summer, I was hyperactive among all activities that I have anticipated in. Within the characteristics that I have, it put an advantage towards achieving something later in my future. In reminiscence of my father s wisdom, he has made me become more than an average child.It was when I was the age of six, sitting down on a comfortable couch that had nice sheets with designs of flowers neatly pressed along the contour of its shape. The distance from the television to the location I was sitting in, gave me a perfect vision to watch my legendary character, Bruce Lee. In retrospect, he was not only an idle to me, but also a rolemodel. After watching my first Bruce Lee movie titled, Chinese Connection, I was mystified by his style and philosophy, which attracted me to take martial art classes. Since my mother said, You re to young, wait until you turn seven years old at least, I became disappointed. Although, my father was a former martial art practitioner who proceeded his skills until the rank of brown belt, teaching me basically the novice level of self-defense moves. While I was in progression of my martial art skills, my mother was not only convinced to start me in martial art classes, but also my brother who also wanted to give it a try. As time went by, I eventually turned seven years old. However, a week before my birthday, I began taking classes of a martial art style called, Hapkido. Starting at such a young age, my hyperbole fitted just perfect into this type of sport. However, after three months of dedication to this style, I made it to the third rank, which is orange belt. The enthusiasm that I usually have didn t except the time, expenses, and the process that it takes to complete the courses of Hapkido. Even though I had the courage and confidence to train at that age, I wasn t capable of taking an advance class with complex techniques. Although, the potential and skills that I presently have, exceeded the requirements and prerequisites to be accepted into another martial art style that my parents had noticed when shopping at a grocery store next to the building of the class. This superior martial art style called, Kajukenbo, was perfect to enhance my studies in certain fields. Wherein, the individuality of time implied to this style is easier and faster to accomplish your goals. Whereas, the style, Hapkido, takes a commitment to the fullest extent just to make an achievement. Even though I had the flexibility, strength, and speed—unified as the three important elements to be successful in Kajukenbo, my parents had the mentality of negativity. The skeptical thoughts of my parents didn t believe in my integrity that I could progress somewhere because of the previous incident of leaving from Hapkido. From my perspective, this opportunity that I took for advantage will teach me how to become more successful in many different other obstacles in which I will challenge through life. As I reached the age of eleven, I became the recipient of a blue belt, which is the fifth rank of Kajukenbo s process. Within those following years of practicing martial arts, I have actually impressed my family with the achievements that I ve made. The complexity of Kajukenbo didn t intimidate me at all. It s unique style, has given me the motivation and confidence to go out in representation and exceed ten winning trophies that I have displaying in our living room. In actuality, it encouraged me to travel even more to tournaments and to compete with other students with different styles from different cities and states. Surprisingly, I got a good reputation by winning plenty of competitions. Excitingly, I gave a good impression towards my instructor by helping the associates of my class to have ultimate recognition. Martial arts does not only teach you sportsmanship among the teamwork of your classmates, but also self-discipline to others.

The satisfaction that I have made throughout my career of martial arts has raised my status with high rank of promotions to blue belt, green belt, brown belt, and the last belt, Black. Fortunately, the process took long to accomplish through all the stages, but—going through a tedious procedure of getting two stripes or degree s on my brown belt and black belt took prolong. At the age of fifteen, I graciously owe my parents the support and patronism that they have given me. Most importantly was to make my father proud by being more successful on the tradition of his martial art days. In addition, the training with my father and instructor has put a profound aspect towards myself to be more respectful to others, to have a positive mentality, and to be physically fit in good shape. Also, the initiation of my father starting me out in this sport, informed me with knowledge and guided me with controllability.Moving on with egotistical actions, I have maintained results of winning either a trophy, plaque, or metal along with money in every single tournament in and out of state that I have entered. The majority of my wins are ranked number one. Also, I managed to receive awards and certificates among each victory. The advanced skills that I ve applied on each fighting match of my tournaments was by the extreme help of not only my instructor, but mostly my father. My father was always specific and terse when he would train me to be ready for a tournament. Even though he explained tactics and strategies that I can hardly understand, I had the ability to still manage any maneuver or technique that my father has taught me. In actuality, my father was ultimately more of a better instructor than my Kajukenbo teacher named, Mr. Lemon, also known as Sifu. However, Sifu has transferred a precise good amount of knowledge and advice that made me successful. In similarity, they both have made me to be an owner of two six feet first place champion trophies from competitions at Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Accurately, I have achieved an overall amount of fifty awards.Being at the zenith point of completing Kajukenbo, it has prepared me to face and suffer any bellicose situations in the world. By reaching the vertex of success in this style, it transformed me to a person to be skillful and talented at anything that comes upon me. The responsibility of being a certified black belt can be harsh on the consequences by authorities if it s used in a fight in our society. Never the less, I m still ready to peacefully handle situations such as a vindictive altercation and massive tribulations without actually fighting my way out. Theoretically, when a child believes that he or she can be successful in any track of a hobby or sport, the parents shouldn t be hesitant to give him or her a chance. This certain child may fail several times or may not, but perhaps he or she does unsatisfactory work, it doesn t necessarily mean that the child can t accomplish their goals in future attempts. At first, my parents had negative thoughts about me succeeding in martial arts, but what changed everything was my father s mentality of positivity. Until today, I seldom go to my Sifu s class to help instruct his students in becoming a better martial artist.

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