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There are many techniques which have been developed to increase the efficiency

of memory . Select 3 techniques , discuss them in detail and present examples of

when they can be used. In the world today it is a must to be able to remember

things. Memory is a big part in everyone`s life. Their is hardly a day that goes

by when you do not have to remember something. If someone doesn`t have a great

memory it could cause somewhat of a down fall in their professional life. In

this paper I will discuss three different memorization habits and how they can

be contributed to one`s everyday lifestyle. One of many ways that help people

memorize things is in a verbal sense called Rhymes. Rhyming is an easy way for

someone to memorize certain things. This method is most common with children in

school. Many people that grow up still remember these little detailed Rhymes

that help them get threw school. Rhymes are nothing other than little sayings

which sometimes make no sense , but when repeated in your mind it helps your

recall what is need to know . The Rhyme that I remember best was used in math

class I ate and ate until I was sick on the floor eight times eight equals

sixty-four that saying is really kind of ridiculous , but I always new what

eight times eight was . There are so many saying`s out there and everyone of

them will help anyone memorize. Rhymes have been and always will have a big

impact on helping people in memorization. Another strategy to help on to

memorize things is called Acrostics. Acrostics is nothing more than a saying in

which the first letter of each word of the saying is the cue to help recall

information you need to know . This method is very similar to the method of

Rhyming , but you only use the one letter from each word to represent the cue

for your needed information. One of the Acrostic phrases that many people were

taught for learning notes in music class was Every good boy does fine. This

saying helps people remember notes E, G, B, D, and F , which are five main

chords, in order , used in music. Acrostic is not used as much as Rhyme;

however, though they are very similar in style. Many people use this method, but

really have no idea what it is called nor really care as long as it works, and

it does . All people tend to do things the easy way , and their is nothing wrong

with that as long as it works . There are certain methods for everything and it

always helps to have some help when needed. The third method that will be

discussed is the method of Loci. The method of Loci involves taking an imaginary

walk along a familiar path where images of items to be remembered are associated

with certain locations. The first step is to commit to memory a series of loci,

or places along a path. Usually these loci are specific locations in your home

or neighborhood. Then envision each thing you want to remember in one of these

locations. Try to form vivid images . When you need to remember the things ,

imagine yourself on your path, which should serve as cues for the retrieval of

the images you have formed (Wayne Weiten, 2000). The usefulness of Loci helps

assure yourself of remembering items in a certain order and the order is

determined by the location sequence along the certain path. In this paper I have

discussed and gave examples for three different ways to improve one`s memory.

There are many other methods in to help with memorization ;however , I believe

these are the three most common used help methods. Each method has it`s own

direct way in helping one to memorize something for long periods of time.

Memorizing is a everyday thing that is nearly necessary for everyday life.

People have methods for doing everything and just because you do something one

way doesn`t make that the only right way. Most methods are not tought ,some are

just distinguish to what is available. No one can remember everything , but with

a little help it makes it somewhat easier to try. Some methods are learned from

experience . Experience helps the person know what they are doing and then one

can do the same task in a certain way which is easier to them . Everyone forgets

things every now and again no matter who you are. People usually forget things

when something else is on there mind , but their is something for everything to

help us memorize what it is we need to do.

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