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Being successful or not successful means nothing to anyone but to you, most people think that success is when one does something and this something, is recognized by important people, or the media, maybe a president, or an influential person in society, well, its not success is when you set a goal and you conquer it.

Many people say I m successful in life because I have accomplished something no one else has, if that s the case then everyone of us is successful because we are all unique, we might try to imitate some things but not two cases are exactly the same there is always this or that, that makes it different from the other no matter how hard we try to do the same, we all know that and have a little bit of it inside of us.

If that s the case then yes, I m a successful person I ve done things no one else has in my personal way, maybe someone else has seen it also, most of us are so obsessed with the things and actions that other people do, that we rarely take the time to look back at our selves and ask, Am I successful or Have I done anything influential for myself well someone I know always tells me that everything I do has a consequence It does not matter if its good or bad, there s always a consequence.

The problem is, that most people don t take the time in their lives to get back to this so they think that they are not successful and think most people could be part of this group of people, society has taught us, I repeat my self, that someone successful is the one that has international recognition by someone influent, or something influent this is just the way society ones again makes a mistake.

Going over everything I wrote in my personal way, yes, I am a successful person for me and people close to me, who have been in one or many ways affected by my actions good or bad, because being successful its not always for good some people take evil as successful that s depending on how every person takes it, but to many people I am not successful maybe because I am not the best student or the best athletic but the only thing that matters is that I feel that I am successful and that s the only recognition one needs if one feels that he/she is not successful then I doesn t matter what everyone else thinks, he is not.

The only conclusion out of this paragraph is, to state whether someone is successful or not has nothing to do with society, it has to do with us. Each one of us has goal in life and we all have desires maybe some ones goal is to be a popular singer, he is going to have international attention but that shouldn t be what makes him successful it should be the fact that he achieved his goal, the one who s goal is to be the best car mechanic might not have that international attention and recognition by if he is the best mechanic in the world then, he is successful because he reach his goal.

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