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Nicaragua Essay, Research Paper

A liberal group rebel under the liderazgo of August C sar Sandino rehus to the sign the Pact of the Black one of Briar. Sandino was acquired a strong sense of the nacionalismo and the Nicaraguan pride in its inheritance of mestizo. In the to coax of its father,Sandino there was returned to Nicaragua in 1926 and written down in the department again Segovia, and of lectured the mine industrious about social inequalities and the need to the change the political system. The soon it organized to its own army, consisting of its greater part of peasants and industrious, and joined with the liberals that fight against the conservative state of Chamorro. Highly distrustful by Moncada, Sandino established the blow and runs the operations against conservative strengths independently of liberal army of Moncada. After the mediated of United States the agreement among liberal strengths and the conservative state,Sandino,oncada that calls to a traidor and to denounce the United States the intervention, reorganiz its you force like the Army for the Defense of the Sovereignty nicarag ensa. Sandino then prepared an independent campaign of guerrilla against the strengths of the government and United States. Although the original intentions of Sandino to should restore the constitutional government under Sacasa, after the Pact of the agreement of the Black one of Briar that its objective became the defense of the sovereignty nicarag ensa against the United States. Container its main support of the rural population, Sandino reasumi its battles against United troops of States. In the height of their campaign of guerrilla, Sandino claimed to has soldiers of some 3,000 in their army, although the figures of the official estimate the number in only 300. The war of the guerrilla of Sandino caused the damage.

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